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    WANTED WTB minie bullet mold

    Like has been mentioned, get the Minie that fits the bore. I have 2 rifles (both by Zoli of Italy). One takes a .575” and the other a .580”. Go figure. That little stubby Minie that Lyman makes that looks like a semi-wad cutter shoots great out to 100 yds.
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    Your opinion of best cold blue product?

    I second the Blue Wonder treatment. I have done a couple of guns using it and, after learning that I wasn’t getting the metal warm enough, got great results. I had dismal luck with the BC Brand. Maybe someone has some advice about using it?
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    Wonder Wads

    If you want to use felt wadding, get a sheet from the lady in Little Rock Duro-felt and a set of little hollow punches that can be chucked up in your electric drill from harbor freight. Soak the felt in 60-40% olive oil-beeswax and you can crank out millions for all sizes of revolvers. If I...
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    Best oil for rust prevention

    So long as you don’t use any of the lubes that act as a solvent and wipe the bore clean before shooting, you should be OK. The machine shop instructor we had used some stuff called Boshield on the shop mills and lathes. Swore by it. Swore at WD-40 because it evaporates and sucks all the oil...
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    What did you do today

    Shot the Turner Kirkland all day as it was so interesting. The slugs held together even with a 60 grain charge. Can’t use under a .50 caliber here in Idaho for hunting deer but just thought I’d give it a try for “science”. Most accurate were the round ball loads at 40 gr. Black MZ. The...
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    What did you do today

    Taking a Turner Kirkland caplock to the range to try out some sized down Russian Svarog. 410 slugs along with some powder coated Turrner Kirkland conicals again. Also taking a .40 Gibbs replica with a Williams peep sight cobbled temporarily onto the barrel.
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    Lace up leather pad damage?

    If you look at chrome tanned leather’s edge, it has a blu-green tint to it. At least, that’s what I’ve noticed. Leather tanneries are pretty aromatic places to work. I worked at A.K. Salz leathers for 8-years. You name a boot or shoe company and they probably made leather for them. Now, the...
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    Powder ?? Thompson Center Hawken 50

    70 gr. FFF or 80 gr. 2F always did alright in a .50 for me.
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    Turner Kirkland lock

    Sorry, just have one each percussion & flintlock.
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    Turner Kirkland Rifle .40 caliber Percussion Rifle

    The little .410 slug from a Russian built Svarog slug mould out of pure lead shoots well over 40 gr. Black MZ (2f Goex is about the same as far as oomph goes). I powder coated some and ran them thru a .400 NOE sizer. No lube due to Black MZ making it’s own. Did the same with the original...
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    Turner Kirkland lock

    Sorry for all the duplicate files. Not used to the method of posting images. Next time I'll use thumbnails.
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    Turner Kirkland lock

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    Turner Kirkland lock

    Here are a couple of pics of the Belgian lock.
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    Neat brass adjustable BP powdah measure - < $5!

    One time I said purt’e neer and my son looked at me, actually appearing annoyed, and said, “What the hell did you just say!?”. Took me quite awhile to quit saying warshing machine. I still have a hard time calling a crick a creek.
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    Turner Kirkland lock

    I have a percussion lock T/K percussion rifle I just shot. I’ll dig it back out & post a picture later today. In fact, now that you mention it, I’m going to be needing a mainspring for it one of these days.