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Born in Northern Illinois along Mississippi River. Left at 18 for tour of duty in USN for 4-years. Wound up in Kalifornistan for 40 yrs. until was able to escape to Idaho 7-yrs. ago.<br />
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Have always been a shooter. Have the most fun shooting older style guns mostly but if it is accurate, I like it. Like shooting cast bullets.<br />
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Come to forums like this to learn things mostly. Like to add to posts if I feel I have something to add. Sometimes I may ruffle someone's feathers but don't mean to. Sorry about that if I do as I'm not into that. So, nuff said about that. I got into shooting muzzleloaders after watching Jeremiah Johnson. Had no idea what was and what wasn't an accurate representation of the true Hawken style. Have come a long way since those days and mostly like shooting older guns. Now, a caplock seems "modern" to me. Enjoy all sorts of shooting though. Want to see our sport continue.
Jan 20, 1950 (Age: 71)
Southwestern Idaho to the left of Boise
Automotive consultant