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    Funny Stories about Muzzle Loaders that left you wondering.

    goode thin bg ihda to p;ee :haha:
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    What's a PM?

    Also known as a private topic. (PT)
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    Sandpaper a frizzen?

    If you are married, ask your wife for an old emery board for her fingernails, they work wonderful for polishing metal.
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    Tomahawk Logo

    For those that have no idea what the tomohawk logo is, it is the icon used for the forum when added to your desk top.
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    Flash in the pan while hunting

    I assume you are wiping the pan down with alcohol, perhaps some of the alcohol is getting into the flash hole and creating your problem.
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    Mr. Roundball - barrel ID

    Looks like this topic is over...
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    What's wrong with my lock ??????

    Sounds like the oil in the lock gummed up after being stored, degrease the lock and see if that frees up the action.
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    re soldering powder flask

    *TIP* Wash it out thoroughly and dry it first, make sure you get out all the powder residue before you apply heat to it, otherwise you could end up with a flash detonation of the remanding black powder dust inside the flask.
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    smelly lube

    I have an old T/C paste lube from back in the 1980's and it seperated with time, and it smells too. I just stirred it with a clean stick to remix it.
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    You shouldn't be able to see anyone's age unless they clicked the "share your birthday" in their profile.
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    Hunting sight-in

    I agree, that's what I would do. :thumbsup:
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    Letting others shoot your rifles

    As long as I am right there with them and I am the one who loads it, I will let someone else shoot it.
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    .69 caliber musket balls

    I used a .678 roundball mold when I was casting for mine.
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    Need ID Help for recent find

    It looks to me like the cresent butt plate was added after market because it's not even (at least from what I can tell), I marked the area of where it looks like a step between the butt plate and the wood.