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    Infected, anyone else?

    My wife and I were tested for strep and flu. When they came back negative we were tested for covid which was positive. We are better, but weak and still under quarantine.
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    I usually read anything, but right now I'm mostly intersted in books about muzzleloaders and makers and users
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    Well I am stuck at home with the virus. It aint no fun Maybe you readers would post some of the books you recommend
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    Shoot near Tifton Ga.

    Seems I read info in bits and pieces about a shoot near tifton ga. Can any one give me some specifics cause I sure want to go.
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    Georgia members

    Need to meet up with you. I am in Haynesville.
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    Georgia members

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    Accuracy variables .32 crockett

    I'm about to work up a load for a decent group. Thanks to everybody for all you help. Now the little cottonpicker has developed an occasional millisecond hangfire, and sometimes a fail to fire. I know its clean, so could I maybe need one of those "hot" nipples?
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    Accuracy variables .32 crockett

    Using fffg powder, anywhere from 10-20 grains, 5 shots at a time, 10 gr, 11 gr, 12 gr etc. Best results were with 15 gr. Shooting off a bench with one of the cheaper led sled rests. Changed out the front sight to fiber optic. Could the bore butter lube it up so good that the rifling isn't doing...
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    Accuracy variables .32 crockett

    I have read great reviews regarding the accuracy of a .32 crockett. I aint gettin it. Best i can get is .310 Hornady ball with .112 patch. Greased with bore butter. 2.5 inches at 28 yds. Any suggestions?
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    Attach tip to ramrod.

    I too have a .32 crockett. Made a ramrod out of a carefully selected spruce arrow. I coudnt stand that ugly thing they sent from traditions., and it had no tip to speak of.
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    Fffg conversion to weight

    Thanks for all of this. See there, all that stupid math I took 50 years ago in high school was actually useful.
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    Fffg conversion to weight

    I am trying to prepare an assortment of triple 7 fffg powder for my 32 crockett. Starting at 15 grains to 30 grains with a 103 grain maxi ball. ie: 15, 17, 19, 21, etc. My powder measure only jumps 10 grains at a time. I have a multitude of brass case reloading equipment. Surely there is a...
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    Maxi ball lube.

    Does the top ring on a .32 TC type maxi ball need to be lubed?
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    Confused on ramrod....32

    Rifleman 1776, I am interested in the rod, but I cant figger out how to message you