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    Hello From Montana

    Howdy 18 here.
  2. Mtman725

    Hello from Lima, MT.

    Howdy Dillon Here!
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    Greetings from Montana

    Welcome looking forward to it myself Dillon here.
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    58 Colonial and The Bull Elk

    Well done my friend. Congrats!
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    Lyman GPR signature series first impressions

    Like it, nice rig.
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    Ranger report CVA Mountain Rifle Blondie

  7. Mtman725

    what do you use when swabbing between shots?

    Winter 30 or 35- below WWF, works anytime of the year.
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    CVA mountain rifle.

    Better watch that there's not a load in it was well. All the mountain rifle barrels are 32".
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    CVA mountain rifle.

    I've been working on one for a year how, bring back a sow's ear to a silk purse,re-bore by R.H to 54,new sights,re finished the stock, re browned, picked up a L&R lock here. Just can't get it to work right! But wrong time of year for me. So after season over will do more. Found parts at Deer...
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    Bridger Mountain men shoot

    It certainly a fine time had by all, enjoyed myself, great bunch of folks looking forward to the next time.
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    SOLD GRRW CA Fullstock Hawken

    That shine's it does.
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    Bridger Mountain men shoot

    No we have very low humidity, this day was like 12-18% we're high and dry. Didn't take a elev. reading I would guess right at about 7000 Elev. and we had no wind.
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    The lock works just fine out of the stock, I'll double check the stock clearance. Found out not to over tighten them thru Tim, polishing the sear was needed there was a big 20, 30 ths. casting burr , that I worked down. Made a big difference in felt trigger pull,but out of the stock.
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    Here's the lock.
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    So I picked up a L & R Lock RPL 01 for CVA, inletting and fitting went well, but I can't get the trigger pull, anywhere close to what I need. Called Tim at L & R, great guy, I cleaned up and polished the sear, cleaned and lube everything got it working and feeling right. I am convinced its the...