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    FOR SALE I bet you'll never guess...

    Hello, If not sold I'm interested. Thanks, Mark
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    shooting my jaeger,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I too like the picture. It reminds me of the time I was at the range with my flinter and I also had a little film canister of BP sitting there open. When I pulled the trigger I was immediately engulfed in one really big cloud of smoke. The shooter next to me asked" is that supposed to...
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    Of Those Who Hunt

    Please enough of the nonsense in this thread. Do people stalk fish or do they wait for a bite. Are combat vets who have lost limbs that can't walk and stalk game still considered hunters or considered hunting? There's different types of hunting. Enough with the bs, we who are on this forum are...
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    Never owned a gun, but smitten by flintlocks, not sure what to do

    If you can find and join a local reenacting group they'll be happy to teach you and the one I belong to let's newbies use the groups firelocks until you aquire your own.
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    Hawken 5-Point

    I hunt Phelps too. Was out last week with my .58 early Virginia rifle and saw nothing. Happy for ya.
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    CLOSED Wanted 58 cal round ball mould

    I've got a .570 period style mold I'll sell if the minis don't work.
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    SOLD Shooting bag inside and outside pockets

    Hi again, I never received your response. Maybe it's still floating around in space. I'm interested in your shooting bag.
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    SOLD Shooting bag inside and outside pockets

    Hi There, Has this pouch sold and if not, do you except personal checks? Thanks... Mark mountainman_53223@yahoo.com
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    Short barrel as powerful as long barrel?

    John Wilkes-Booth killed Lincoln with a 44 cal. Derringer. That bullet changed the history of this nation.
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    Use of Tow wadding in smoothbore. Tips sought.

    I've used unwashed wool. It works really well and has the natural lanolin that both lubes and cleans.
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    Snapped at the wrist!

    I really thank everyone for your reply it easys the thought of repairing it.
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    Snapped at the wrist!

    Thanks, for the info, I'm going to contact the Log Cabin Shoppe for I'd be worried with me drilling something that long. Thanks for your time.
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    Snapped at the wrist!

    Thanks, I've read about that.
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    Snapped at the wrist!

    Sorry, here's a pic