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    58 caliber PRB loads

    I have heard that on more than one occasion and it actually makes sense.
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    What is this? A spiller?

    Find a buy at a gun show and you need to grab it quick. I've found a few and lost a few because I waited.
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    Curly ash

    I've never heard of curly ash before. Sure is purty though.
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    50 cal Hawhins

    I have shot 54 RBs in a 1/20 twist accurately with light loads. Conicals(REALs) shot well too.
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    58 caliber PRB loads

    I shoot 80 out of mine for a hunting load. Less for just target plinking.
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    Older model CVA rifle

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    50 cal Hawhins

    Conicals ore ok to talk about. There are allot out there to try. I'm partial to the Lee REALs. An over powder wad sometimes helps with accuracy on conicals.
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    Lyman ramrod size.

    Caliber might help
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    Percussion caps in period

    I would imagine like today, the majority of people would want the latest new fangled gizmos whether they were better or not and then you also have the old farts like us refusing to change.
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    Wtb .485 or .486 round ball mold. Lee or lyman.

    Never heard of Kurds & way? 😁
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    .51 Maxi

    Someone may have enlarged if they thought they needed it. Is it marked 51 or 52?
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    Percussion caps in period

    I'm sure they thought of this and either had spare guns that were flint or they just stuck with flint if they thought it would be difficult to obtain. After all they had to think about powder availability also.
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    Need Unmarked Percussion Rifle Indentification Help

    I have several CVA/Jukar rifle and they have the exact same rear sight.
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    Need Unmarked Percussion Rifle Indentification Help

    Yes, Jukar length, I believe mine were 32 1/2 in counting the breech plug.
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    CLOSED Ruger Old Army Blue never fired

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