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    Traditional Traditions?

    I have one of those. It was my first muzzleloader, and while it does look more like a modern rifle it's still a flintlock so I don't worry too much about what others think of it. It's certainly different from my more traditionally styled flinters so it's kind of a change of pace to shoot it with...
  2. mmb617

    Tradition's Trapper Flint pistol "in action".....

    I've had my Trapper a little over a year now and have over 700 shots through it. It's been very reliable and easy on flints.
  3. mmb617

    It’s nice to have over 1000 Shots in the bank….

    My goal was to have a lifetime supply of what I'd need to keep shooting my flintlocks through any future shortages. I'm 71 so realistically 10 years worth will probably more than do it. I think I'm just about there.
  4. mmb617

    Looking for a Decent Spotting Scope.

    You don't need to spend a lot of money if all you need is 100 yds capability. I have a Huicocy 20-60x60 that Amazon has now for $53 which is fine at that distance. But will you want longer distance capability in the future? When I started shooting my modern rifles at the club 300 yd range that...
  5. mmb617

    4f in rifle?

    I have not had any problems shooting 50 gr of 4f through my .50 caliber Traditions Kentucky rifle.
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    Hauling all Your Junk

    I have two plastic tool boxes, one with black powder gun stuff and the other with modern gun stuff. Depending on what I'm shooting I grab one box or the other or sometimes both. Lead sled, spotting scope, folding chair, range rod, targets and staplers are things that just ride in the vehicle all...
  7. mmb617

    Traditions trapper diailed in

    I'm not real accurate with mine but I don't blame the gun. I always shoot it from a one handed duelers stance and enjoy it regardless of whether the shots are on the mark or not.
  8. mmb617

    What does your favorite rifle weigh?

    Your question prompted me to weigh the four flintlock rifles I own. Deerhunter - 6 lbs (synthetic stock) Hawken - 7 1/4 lbs Mountain - 8 1/4 lbs Kentucky - 7 1/4 lbs I shoot all of them offhand and can't really pick a favorite. They're all fun.
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    Shots Per Shooting Session?

    I pay $35/year for pretty much unlimited access to the club I shoot at. It's in a rural area and in nice weather I can spend hours there just enjoying the outdoors. I'm usually by myself but if there are any other shooters present they are most likely not shooting muzzleloaders and are on one of...
  10. mmb617

    Thimble fell off traditions Trapper pistol. How can I fix it?

    According to the diagram I have the thimble is held onto the barrel rib by a screw. If the thimble fell off I would think that must mean the screw hole in the brass thimble has stripped out. If you can't get a new thimble you might be able to move the thimble forward or back a little then drill...
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    How did you get hooked?

    Hard to believe it's only a little over a year ago that I first shot a black powder gun. Since then I've sent over 3k balls downrange through the 5 flintlocks that I now own. I was shooting my modern guns a lot and reloading all my own ammo when the great primer and ammo shortage hit. I was...
  12. mmb617

    Frizzen Hardening?

    When I bought my flintlock pistol I could not get it to fire consistently due to poor sparking. The first 50 shots were close to half failures to ignite the pan powder. I tried several different flints, bevel up, bevel down, moved closer, moved farther away, no go. In the back of my mind I...
  13. mmb617

    100 yards off hand today

    I don't have to go to the range to show you my target after shooting 100 yds offhand. I can just post up a pic of a new target right out of the box. It'll look the same.
  14. mmb617

    Tightening the Jaw Screw?

    Here's where I got those jaw screws for $5, but I see it now shows them as unavailable. Log Cabin Shop Might be worth contacting them to see if they expect to get them again at some point. Not that it will help you right now.
  15. mmb617

    Flint size

    I have a Traditions Trapper flintlock pistol and I would think it's got the same lock as your Kentucky pistol. I get my flints from Stonewall Creek Outfitters and I've gotten nice thin flints every time I order. I get what they call their 5/8" French amber which is advertised as being 5/8"x3/4".