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    TN rifle done

    thank you sir. I have completed 13 long guns. Pics of ten of them are on my webpage you will not see pictures of my first three on there - you don't have to ask why.... :eek:
  2. mikemeteor

    TN rifle done

    I use the modern version of the DIY aqua fortis, made from ferric nitrate crystals from The Science Company dissolved in denatured alcohol and applied as per usual aqua fortis technique...
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    TN rifle done

    Sorry about resurrecting a 5-year old thread - I got distracted with building telecaster-style electric guitars and tube amps for a while (they all have their own forums of course which consume time), but I am about to get back into the ML world. Anywho, i appreciate all the kind words on this...
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    Tip on drilling out vent holes or other holes in barrels.

    that one made me laugh, Jerry! /mike
  5. mikemeteor

    trigger install

    It should not bear directly on the sear when at rest. Very dangerous.
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    What do ya'll use as a sealer on your long arms after stain

    just to be clear here, the OP asked about post-stain sealer, not the final finish or topcoats .... Questions about the latter would beget a different list of answers.
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    What do ya'll use as a sealer on your long arms after stain

    Permalyn. ...and I don't spare the burnishing tool after that...
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    Pre-inlet Lock or No?

    I recommend you inlet the lock yourself. Take your time, do a decent job, and you'll be glad you did it. /mike
  9. mikemeteor

    Laurel Mountain Forge stain

    You didnt seal before you stained, did you? ....just askin.....
  10. mikemeteor

    TN rifle done

    Just finished this 50-caliber from a Wayne Dunlap blank. Any and all critiques welcome. //mike m
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    How to age the finish?

    It's a brave man that can point a can of black spray paint at their stock. I've never had the huevos to do it. I do mix up a dark pigmented slurry, tho, to wipe on and wipe off, repeatedly, leaving slight layers of color in the desired areas. Lately I've been using bone black in addition to...
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    White lightnin installation

    Agree with others. Keep goin. I bury that final flange a bit more. Looks like yours is still proud of barrel surface. Then check inside for protrusion into bore before you cut off sacrificial nub.
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    making a ram rod?

    He runs an ad in the back of every Muzzleloader magazine. Scroll down to Shooting Supplies and see the Hickory Ramrods item.
  14. mikemeteor

    lock repair work

    call Brad Emig at Cabin Creek in Hallam, PA.
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    WOOD you help ?

    Dog - couple ideas to consider when you get after the buttplate. Initial layout, before any wood is cut, is critical. Know your final comb top-line, lay buttplate on stock at correct LOP, and make dang sure the BP return top-line lines up with comb top-line! Check it, check it again, then...
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