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    SOLD English Military-style Flintlock Fowler/ Fusil

    Sold through Track of the Wolf
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    SOLD English Military-style Flintlock Fowler/ Fusil

    Yea, I am sure they did but I lost the receipt. I will email them and see if they still have records.
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    SOLD English Military-style Flintlock Fowler/ Fusil

    thanks! Caliber is .60 Length of Pull is 14.5 Weight is slightly less than 8 pounds barrel is octagon to round Happy to take more pictures
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    SOLD English Military-style Flintlock Fowler/ Fusil

    Hello, I have a custom-made English fowler for sale. I bought it new, never fired, from Track of the Wolfe fifteen years ago. I have fired it live one time. Bore is shiny. Need to raise cash to pay for a new toy. Barrel is 42.5 inches (like the short land Brown Bess). Overall length is 59...
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    TRADE Miroku 1861

    I have a Birmingham made Parker Hale 1861 artillery carbine I might be interested in trading. Send me some pictures. Thanks.
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    How to drill flash channel

    Dear all, thanks. Yes, it is percussion gun, nipple etc all there, just no hole from the bolster to the barrel. as I suspected, this challenge is above my pay grade. It will stay a wall hanger. I have a euroarms p53 I will shoot instead. thanks
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    India Made Firearms

    I have at least one from each major importer, and I even imported some on my own once. All of them are functioning firearms, but the finishing does vary depending upon the importer. In my opinion, loyalist arms is the best. Veteran arms also does a pretty good job. I am least satisfied with...
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    I am in Lafayette, IN. Welcome. It shoot at the Linden Conservation club. Burned some powder today!
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    How to drill flash channel

    Hello everyone, I am looking for advice on how best to drill a flash channel in my replica 1853 enfield musket from military heritage in Canada. It’s one of the Indian-made muskets that is imported without a flash channel due to customs regulations. I know, I know, Indian-made muskets are...
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    New Member but not new to muzzleloading

    Alas, I am not. Haven’t heard about it. Is it a re-enactment?
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    New Member but not new to muzzleloading

    Hello everyone, I have been browsing this forum nonstop for about a week. I have learned a lot, thank you. I began collecting and shooting replica flintlock and percussion military arms 20 years ago, but the last several years I have been traveling a lot for work and could not find time to use...
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    SOLD Zoli Zouave plus Zouave bayonet for sale $420.00 + shipping

    CyrusP, I am new to the forum. I can’t for the life or me figure out how to send you a private message, but I will take the Zouave and bayonet. Hopefully you can message me. Thanks, Cole