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    Late 18th century hatband.

    I braided some hemp twine for mine.
  2. medicine_duck

    Bobby Hoyt barrel work

    This is really great to know.
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    Hi from Arkansas!

    Welcome from Fayetteville neighbor.
  4. medicine_duck

    10 lbs BP Now Or Wait

    One of my daughters goes on a lot of cruises and she knows to bring me back rum each time. Gotta keep the cabinet stocked...
  5. medicine_duck

    Latest horn

    Very nice work. Beautiful horn.
  6. medicine_duck

    Finished Powder Horn (#10)

    That is a beautiful horn! Very nice work
  7. medicine_duck

    Midway USA Hornady Lead Balls on Sale

    The link works fine. Yes it brings up 32 cal but click on it, change to the caliber you want, and then choose ball diameter. Works every time for me, and yes I did get my order in.
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    New member from Arkansas

    Welcome fellow Arkie. Fayetteville here
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    New member from SW Missouri

    Welcome from NW Arkansas
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    Zonie's condition.

    Zonie, you are in my thoughts and prayers sir. Take care of yourself and listen to the docs. Wishing you a healthy and speedy recovery
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    Try ebay. Look for a low crown cowboy hat and reshape i5 to what you want. Or you can have one custom made. Buckaroo Hatters in Memphis van make anything you want. Although he specializes in western and dress hats, Mike has a deep love of history and turns out a very quality product.
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    Bill to ban Lead Ammunition in Maine

    According to the summary this is about using ammunition with lead. Since we are not using pre-made ammunition, loading traditional muzzleloaders with round ball could be exempt.
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    Black powder?

    Got my order from Grafs last week. Took about 3 weeks, but I got it.
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    What did you do today

    Thank you very much! Congrats to your wife and you.