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    SOLD "Treker"s Pan

    I’ll take it, I bought a knife from you a while back, Pm me your info and I will get you paid PP.
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    SOLD Johnston & Dow mold

    Got it and done!
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    SOLD Johnston & Dow mold

    Sold, Pm me your pp info and I’ll get you taken care of
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    Is this safe to shoot?

    Thank you for your responses, arbor is tight in the frame, cylinder won’t really rock much when ready to fire, VERY minimal, no play anywhere when hammer is I’m fired position, indexes perfectly when going thru mock fire sequence, not dry firing pistol; everything else looks ok, just noticed a...
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    Is this safe to shoot?

    Hammer in battery, I will assume you mean in the fired position, hammer down on the nipple position, there is zero gap, but I thought that was just spring tension holding it there from the hammer??? Sorry, cap and ball revolvers are kind of new to me, thank you for your patience in teaching me.
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    SOLD TC .32 MAXI BALL mold for sale

    I am interested in this mold, what forms of payment do you accept? Thank you in advance!
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    Is this safe to shoot?

    My father passed about a year ago, in going thru his things we came across cap and ball revolver that we did not know he had.It looks to be a Navy Arms Co. brass frame 1860 Army in 36 Cal. The barrel to cylinder gap with the hammer at full cock is .017 and I am wondering if it will be safe to...
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    CVA Frontier Carbine - Button vs Hook and Interchangeable Barrels

    On the off chance you want to save that barrel, you might try calling Deer Creek Products, they might still do some work on barrels...worth a call to see, they are a good bunch of people, I’ve had multiple dealings with them, just fire up yer google machine for the number.
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    SOLD CVA Kit Stock

    Pm sent