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    who makes lead .54 bullets These will be your best bet until Lyman starts getting some molds back out there. You may need to use a felt was under it.
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    My own Kibler rifle!

    Fantastic job!
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    Vernier sights question

    I had the same questions as you. I put one on my gun and took it outside around prime shooting light. I couldn’t see very well at all unless the contrasting background was perfect. I took off right away. As stated above a larger peep helps but my vernier sight wouldn’t allow one. I want peep...
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    What Nipple for Pedersoli Rocky Mtn. Hawken

    For what it’s worth my Pedersoli Rocky Mountain Hawken is about 5 years old and zero doubt its 1/4 x 28.
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    Colorado draw is happening.

    Got buck and bull tag for muzzleloader. Been using conicals for years may try the ol .54 round ball this year.
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    Turkey Hunting Successes and Pics Please

    About the same load as above 80 grains FF and 1 1/2 # 5 Pedersoli 12 gauge with leather cheek pad as well as recoil pad. More so to project the stock when loading than for recoil purposes.
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    Fast Twist Flint Lock?

    Pedersoli makes the Lyman Plains Hunter version in a flintlock 1x24 twist.
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    Pedersoli Classic Shotgun Lock Issues I had similar issues this may help you out.
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    Pedersoli 12 gauge chokes

    I’m kind of at the point where I don’t think either way would be a bad choice just pro and cons to consider. Now 12 or 20 gauge that’s a rabbit hole to go down 🤣. I’ve read the previous discussions you guys have had on the subject and really learned a lot. You guys kept the arguments civil and...
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    Pedersoli 12 gauge chokes

    Thank you both great information!
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    Pedersoli 12 gauge chokes

    Hello Are the screw in chokes really with the hassle they seem to give people when loading? Limiting them it seems to mainly felt wads? I have no first hand experience with them only what I’ve read. I’d like to use it for rabbit and turkey and have no problems limiting my range because of a...
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    .32 Crockett hammer issues

    How often do you recommend a full breakdown of the locks for cleaning? Thanks.
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    .32 Crockett hammer issues

    Your right, I believe I loosened it up just prior to the picture. But tightening it up as much as could didn’t help because the tumbler was thicker than the sear, allowing the sear to remain loose and go around the fly stopping it at half cock.
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    .32 Crockett hammer issues

    Shim went between the sear and bridle
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    .32 Crockett hammer issues

    Shim has worked so far. Dry fired onto a pad to protect nipple about 30 40 times with no issues. Hope this helps someone in the future.