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    the new 32 cal muzzleloader!

    Yes, those oppossums can be nasty. We caught them by the tails as kids.Our theory was that if you could drag them backwards by the tail, as long as you kept them moving, you could grab them by the back of the neck with the other hand. Believe it or not, it works well. But do not try it on any...
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    Need help with a couple things ...

    The greasegun trick will work when compressed air will not. And it is safer because you will have control of how fast the stuck projectile comes out of the barrel.I have used this grease method several times and keep grease fittings that have the same thread as most of my nipples in my various...
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    Do you prefer to hunt from the trees or the ground for deer?

    I have had good luck from the ground as well as a deer stand.I see more from a stand, but have great luck on the ground if the position is just right. One year I set up in a small funnel going through some hardwoods. I chose a hillside behind a blown down tree and I did really well. I will have...
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    36 TC barrel cleanup help

    If the rust is not too deep, try the lead of an ordinary pencil. Rub the rust spot until it feels smooth and wipe with a clean rag. If the rust is heavier than the pencil lead will remove, try a piece of brass. I made a tool especially for it out of an old brass rod that I flattened on one end...
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    54 caliber Lyman great Plains rifle

    Jim, Good advice that can be easily overlooked. I make my homemade front sights high on purpose so they can be fine-tuned with a file. I used to have the misconception that a store-bought rifle was sighted in at the factory. But the do shoot differently after break-in. :wink:
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    Historically correct....or just anal?

    Well, this has gone full circle now and I do see the point of views are mostly valid. Historically speaking, we do have a duty to be as PC as possible. As a whole, it is a fun hobby and educational to those who want to learn. I just have a problem with those who snub out folks who are not their...
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    Historically correct....or just anal?

    Carl, congratulations on your post.I agree with you on this topic. There are so many people ready at a moment's notice to jump at an opportunity to belittle or point out their superiority. It really makes people stop and think that maybe this hobby is a little too uninviting for the beginner or...
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    mag spark

    Real black powder is of course, the more sure-fire answer. But don't feel bad. I burn whatever is available and what I can afford. I don't feel like it is a sin to use substitutes when playing around on targets or plinking. But I have on more than one occasion, had misfires when hunting deer due...
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    springfield 58 cal

    I found one recently in a pawn shop and wondered the same thing. Except this one is not a musket. The barrel is rifled. It seems to be nicely built and affordable. I have a rifle that is the same style, but not as short. When I buy one like that I usually count on a ball being stuck in it...
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    Rookie question

    Rick, you probably won't have to draw-file your barrels if you are just refinishing them, unless they are damaged beyond emery cloth or sandpaper. Draw filing is for the final shaping process when the barrel is in the rough. Good luck on your projects.
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    This may sound stupid but

    Here in Ga. and also Alabama, I have noticed that all of the creeks that I have dredged and panned looking for gold have one thing in common. A good bit of lead. Whether bird shot or a smashed car battery, I found it everywhere we went. I always saved it to melt into roundballs, but it was there...
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    Handmade Custom Flintlock

    Oh my eyes! That was sure a pretty sight.Good luck with it. It looks like it found a deserving home.
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    What kind of lead did I get?

    The stick-on type wheel weights are very good lead for casting muzzleloading projectiles. It is softer than the pinch-type wheelweights because they don't have to add anything to prevent it from deflecting on the rim. I'd use that lead without a second thought.
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    Dumb Mistake!

    Here's a trick that I used that will not scratch up the barrel or make you cuss the paint off the wall. I stuck a ball in a CVA and it would not pull out with a puller and it would not blow out with compressed air. So I unscrewed the nipple and replaced it with a grease fitting with the same...
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    54 CAL. LYMAN

    Way to go Ricky. That is the best thing you can do for a friend, to get him hooked on BP shooting. It's more addictive than the most powerful drug, so keep him shooting and let him read this forum. That is sure to keep him involved with BP.