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    Jaeger Kit for New Builder?

    Pecatonica River and Muzzleloaders builders supply have Jaeger stocks and parts.
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    .58 smoothbore

    It'll require you to try a bunch of different loads to get the pattern you need for turkey hunting but yes, it'll work great once you do that. I'm using my .54 smoothbore this year.
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    FOR SALE Loading Blocks 54 cal. (qty. 2)

    I'll take em'. Will send PM
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    Question on pinned barrel

    I always do it like this. 1 pass with a bore brush wet with Hoppes. Then patches on a jag til they come out clean. Then an oily patch, then another dry patch. I then use a soft bristle brush with hoppes on it and scrub the lock/touch hole area. then use a set of picks and a tiny brush to pick...
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    First inlay attempt......

    IMO, and I have built a lot of rifles with inlays.... that looks good. Don't underestimate how much the wood will swell with finishing. I normally whisker 2-3 times, then stain with iron nitrate.....sometimes tannic acid then iron nitrate, then finish. That's a lot of stuff that's going to...
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    Should I rebarrel or keep as is

    Depends on how weight sensitive you are I guess. A .36 caliber barrel weighs 11-12 ounces more than the .45 in 13/16"s
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    Tennessee Rifle Trigger Guard Question

    There should be enough room for a screw...just not a super long screw. really all dependent on where the ramrod hole is. Drill a small hole in the barrel channel there and check it with a feeler gauge. I just use a bit of wire with a tiny right angle bend on the end. Put the wire in til it hits...
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    John Bailes Lock

    Yep, the bailes will work for a southern rifle. It is a very small lock though so unless you're very skilled your liable to wind up with too fat lock panels and a kinda clunky looking gun. The Chambers late ketland is a better choice.
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    MUST HAVE features on a possibles bag?

    I normally just like a bag that's not too big.... although I will say the bag for my Jaeger is quite big with 3 extra pockets. It's my main hunting rifle so the bag also carries a drag strap, rangefinder and sometimes a bottle of water. All my other guns I just like a small bag with an inside...
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    SOLD Jack Garner .50 Cal Tennessee Poor Boy for sale SOLD PENDING FUNDS

    Colerain .50 caliber barrels are usually 1-56" twist.
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    Thoughts on long-barreled smoothbores

    I don't think fashion is quite the right word. More like expectations or a persons perception of what looks right. In that context it's really just what you grew up with or are used to seeing. Germans made some of their guns shorter, Dutch longer and Americans kinda in the middle. Just imagine...
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    Is this enough spark?

    So far my problems with a frizzen that won't spark has been from a couple frizzens that were too hard. I just throw em in the oven at 400 for an hour or so and try em again when they cool. I've done two that were too hard like that and they spark great now.
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    Help ID this Flintlock

    Yep, noticed that too....the Jaeger sight is the only thing that bugs me....thankfully the easiest to remedy
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    Help ID this Flintlock

    I'd say not a kit but a components build. Kinda looks like maybe a "back in the day" build...60s-80s. Seems like I've seen that # on some old Bud Siler locks. could be wrong about that though.
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    trigger guard help

    That looks good just make sure the rear of the bow doesn't interfere with the trigger. If it does file it a little and you're good to go.