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    WANTED Trade Gun

    I have a beautiful one, original English in 11 GA. Great condition inside and out. Asking $600 plus shipping. Can send pics if interested.
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    SOLD Thompson Center Hawken 50 cal from the custom shop

    Have not seen any in many years. Have not been looking in either.
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    SOLD Thompson Center Hawken 50 cal from the custom shop

    I have a TC Hawken that was offered for a while as a round ball rifle it has black hardware and nose cap and is marked on the barrel "1:66".
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    WANTED "Flat" powder horn

    Have 2 flat horns. Left is a screw tip for $125. Right is a little smaller conventional tip for $100. Both are plus flat rate shipping. Flat horns are in upper right.
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    Flash Cups

    A toothbrush does wonders. If you remove the nipple when you clean just soak both together. I use a tea ball in hot water.
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    Flash Cups

    If you look at many original rifles you will find the wood just in front of the drum is "burned" away. Flash cups are meant to prevent damage more than directing flash and cap fragments away from the shooter. To do this they should be place with the high shoulder facing forward. With the correct...
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    Clean out screw on a T C

    If you pull the nipple and "flush" the Barre you are getting the flash channel clean.
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    TRESO ramrod ends

    I use a small pipe cutter to score the rod and then just peel the rod back from the end to the score.
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    CLOSED Lefty rifles

    I have a lefty that I built a number of years ago but it is in .38 caliber. Beautiful curly maple stock, Siler small percussion and a short, 12.5", stock. Probably weighs around 6#. I would take $825 plus shipping. Can send pics if interested.
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    FOR SALE 12 bore Left Hand

    Your is very nicely done and would have drawn more interest, even as a lefty, but as you stated it was built for a youth. The LOP is so short an adult would have difficulty shooting it well.
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    hanging over the fireplace

    If proper containers and handling procedures are observed, I'll stand by my comment. I will also agree that there are many instances where you are correct regarding safety with black powder is concerned.
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    hanging over the fireplace

    Run a couple of stained pegs into the stone/ brick and go for it. By the way, hanging your horn off one of the pegs is PERFECTLY SAFE. A friend had a serious house fire and had several horns full of powder hanging with his rifles. When we went in to clean up the horns were found and of course...
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    Only concern I had with a couple was a punky mainspring.
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    Unbreakable ramrod

    I also put different tips on each end, one 8X32 and one 10X32. Don't have to worry about which jag you have or need to borrow.
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    Unbreakable ramrod

    It's not uncommon to soak hickory rods in kerosene, sometimes as long as a week. It does make them "more" flexible but certainly not unbreakable. You might look into the black flexible rods, not fiberglass. They are available in various calibers and can be fitted wit brass threaded tips. I have...