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    Hunting tips

    Hello all. I have a hunting trip in a few months that will be my first flintlock hunt. I have hunted tons of small game with the flintlock so far, but have hunted all my big game with a modern rifle. What are some tips to carry into the field when you are flintlock hunting? Any tips, tricks, or...
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    FOR SALE .45 Kentucky pistol

    Reviving this because it is for sale again. Same price as before (650). Supremely accurate pistol.
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    Hepl please, I need help finding long range rod?

    October Country and Track of the Wolf have both wooden and metal ram rods of varying length. Metal won't hurt your rifle but id recommend using a small metal collar called a "muzzle protector".
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    Sea Service Pistol Kit

    Hello all. I put up an add looking for a nice Sea Service pistol but I am also open to a kit so I was looking for some information. Does anyone know of any kits for such a style that would be high quality enough to reliably shoot after building? Thanks!
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    WANTED Sea Service Flintlock Pistol

    Looking for some sort of quality repro 1700s British military pistol, but mostly focused on the Sea Service varieties. Looking for a replica that is quality enough to actually reliably shoot. Don't know if this exists but wanted to see if anyone has anything out there. Not really familiar with...
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    The "Myth" of Cylinder Swapping?

    Its not so much a question of "if they did" as much as "if they could". Colt and Remington were pumping out these revolvers under contract with the government. They didn't provide or supply extra cylinders, except to the quartermaster for repairs or replacements. The officers that carried their...
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    Favorite Hunting and NON-Hunting caliber?

    My favorite caliber for both hunting and shooting is the same. It is .58/24 gauge in my fowler.
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    How many shots can you get?

    I for some reason, have never had a gun that has a "shot limit". In both my fowler and rifle, I can shoot repeatedly without swabbing the bore. I have had range sessions of upwards of 15 shots, and have never had a problem loading. I know this is counter to what a lot of people experience, and I...
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    California black powder revolver laws

    Thanks for all the info guys! I am a little encouraged. It seems not as bad as I thought (certainly not good) but workable lol.
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    Putting food on the table with primitive weapons

    I hate to be cliche but it does taste similar to chicken. I would take squirrel meat over chicken any day. Maybe its because I grew up eating them. When I moved to New England and first made friends, they thought I was some sort of mountain-man savage for having eaten squirrel.
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    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome from New England! This website is a wealth of knowledge for all things blackpowder, and you will quickly become obsessed. The learning curve to get these dinosaurs to go bang is a lot less than one would think.
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    What type of rifle would have been in use...Colonial upstate NY?

    Exactly as Rich said. These individuals were not hunting bison or elk at 100 yards. They were shooting squirrels or rabbits if they managed to get some spare time after church. Outside of serving in the Revolution, the average person had not, and would not ever fire their gun at another person...
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    Putting food on the table with primitive weapons

    It is absolutely great, this is furthered by the fact that squirrel hunting is so fun. There are a few ways to cook squirrel that are truly awesome. I shot squirrels long before I ever shot a deer, and ate every one of those squirrels.
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    Getting Started

    Banjoman has some really good advice about identifying what you don't need. When I first got into flintlock shooting, I bought things that now gather dust. You will quickly find out what you need, and then what is convenient. There are some things you absolutely must have though, such as a ball...
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    What states are you from?

    Connecticut! Surrounded by 1700s history that fits in with my fowler. I live in a town founded in 1654, and the entire "mainstreet" has original colonial houses from the 1700s. I love New England, and plan to settle down here eventually.