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    Cylinder reaming before/after

    If your happy then so am I. This is supposed to be about fun and not all want nor need their guns to be as finely tuned as they can be made to be.
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    Cylinder reaming before/after

    That probably will work fine if the cone is even and smoothly cut. I don't know why most imports have the chambers so undesize to the groove diameter of the barrel but most I have checked are. Mine get better accuracy when the the chambers match groove diameter or perhaps .001 larger but not...
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    Cylinder reaming before/after

    What I have noticed is if the ball will seat in the forcing cone to about half it's diameter they will usually shoot well , all else being set up right. One mans opinion. What I hate and am not able to fix is when the bolt notches in the cylinder are not cut to make the chambers line up with...
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    Cylinder reaming before/after

    One of the main beneficial things in cylinder reaming I have found is to get them all the same diameter and perfectly round holes. Most of my foreign guns have come to me with slightly different chamber diameters often out of round and usually very much under size to the bore diamter. As to...
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    Rice Barrels BIG .50 Cal at 1,200 Yards, 3 Consecutive Hits on Steel

    Great shooting and very impressive !
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    How do you take off the crown from a flint ?

    I put on a good dust mask and grind them flat with a 8 inch green emery wheel used for sharpening carbide. The regular grinding wheels don't work.
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    Heavy Barrel Bench Target Rifle By Bill Large "Old Bull Cinch"

    Wow, what a neat ole gun ! A piece of history there me thinks ! How many pins in the false muzzle and what is the rifling pitch !
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    How many shots can you get?

    I wonder if trimming the front of the top cock jaw a bit and shortening the top of the cock screw would give flint life a boost as that seemingly would expose more flint length with out cock/frizzen interference, to wear back?
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    The Timothy Murphy shot.

    Boy, am I ever learning some history. It bored me in school but sure is interesting to me now ! I never learned of the bore size of Murphy's rifle and was hoping some one here knew.
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    1,200 Yard .45 Cal Sidelock (Rice Barrels 1:17 Twist)

    Lets see, I think I used the word "spectacular shot" twice ! You apparently feel the truth about the shot being chance and not consitently repeatable without reading and dealing with conditions is discrediting but actually knowing the facts are the only way to correct an error to get better...
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    1,200 Yard .45 Cal Sidelock (Rice Barrels 1:17 Twist)

    Oh, I suspect you will employ some of what you have heard here even though you didn't ask for it. It will help you to be a better shot at distance.
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    finally ate crow! stuck patched jag.

    I'm sort of developing a taste for crow in later life. :D It ain't so bad with hot sauce, especially when you learn something useful from the experience!
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    1,200 Yard .45 Cal Sidelock (Rice Barrels 1:17 Twist)

    The information given is accurate and useful to aid the OP in his quest if he employs it. Is it better to be quiet when you see someone struggle with an issue, possibly get frustrated and give up and you can help and don't? Truth liberates, silence enslaves! There is always more to be learned...
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    1,200 Yard .45 Cal Sidelock (Rice Barrels 1:17 Twist)

    Thanks for the correction Dave. I had a brain toot and was thinking it was the Brits. You are quite correct when I think on it for a bit.
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    1,200 Yard .45 Cal Sidelock (Rice Barrels 1:17 Twist)

    He has much to learn of mid and long range shooting but if he stays at it and listens to experienced people who do this regularly he could become a fine distance rifleman. I would suggest anyone who wants to learn how to read wind get a copy of Jim Owens book on the subject. He was a Marine long...