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  1. ltdann

    Load Development - What Range?

    I do 50 yards and use BIG splatter targets
  2. ltdann

    what do you use when swabbing between shots?

    I think it's a function of the powder and humidity. I use Jojoba oil as patch lube since it's about the slickest thing after whale oil (which is illegal). If I use snythetic powder I can go all day without swabbing. If I use Shutzen powder, all bets are off...probably swab with an alchohol...
  3. ltdann

    Brass short starter tips

    My best starter uses a brass 9mm casing, with the primer pocket reamed out with a countersink. works great!
  4. ltdann

    Do i need a custom flintlock rifle??

    Life's too short to shoot an ugly rifle....go kibler. With basic skills you'll have a treasure for the rest of your life.
  5. ltdann

    Most Popular Caliber

    I've got "one or two" .50's but for some reason, I just like the way the .54 shoots. There's no difference in accuracy, or handling....just can't put my finger on it, but I'd go .54 every time.
  6. ltdann

    Stupid question: Lefty loosey?

    Kroil! I've used on firearms with great creeps so take the lock out of the stock. I've used it on leaf spring bolts on a 58 yr old merc that I couldn't turn with a 3/4 socket and a cheater bar. Soak it once each day for 3 days. If it doesn't come out, it's not meant to.
  7. ltdann

    Glue advice

    You want a glue with long working time that dries clear and is thin and clear when dried. . First stain the edges of the break and don't be shy about it. Match the exterior color. If you used LMF on the orginal finish, use that on the edges...and go deep into the break. Let that dry for a...
  8. ltdann

    Question regarding inletting

    Nope, wouldn't give it a second glance....even if it was $200
  9. ltdann

    Kibler Colonial kit is on the way

    There are little things you can do that can "bling" up an otherwise plain rifle....make a custom toe plate out of stock brass...put a brass and/or silver star on the cheek piece. I've soldered some sheet silver on the ram rod pipes and the little finial on the top of the butt plate. Alot of...
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    Glue advice

    I broke a lancaster at the wrist...stained the edges and used the Gflex 650 and wrapped the wrist in surgical tubing....WOW! Water proof and strong..avaiable on amazon
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    Rust Bluing Revolver Advice

    I've blued several rifles with LMF solution... the boiling bit isn't that bad, just takes time. For a pistol, you could do it on your stove, but make sure to use distilled water. If it doesn't come out the way you like, do the rusting bit, boiling and carding until it's the shade your after...
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    also available on amazon.
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    Non-Toxic Roundballs?

    Rotometals bismuth mix is approved for hunting in CA. If it's approved here, it's good everywhere....this place is draconian when it comes to lead....don't even have lead wheel weights here. IF you don't dry ball (like I did) it'd kill a deer. It's expensive compared to lead...would it...
  14. ltdann

    Non-Toxic Roundballs?

    I'm in CA and living on under a total lead ban for hunting. It's a pain and expensive. Lead free ammo of any kind hard to find and we're not allowed to order via the internet. I've got .54 and had a thought to use it deer hunting using a "lead free roundball made with something". It turned...
  15. ltdann

    Shot my first duplex loads yesterday in my .54-caliber flintlock

    Scheutzen powder IS's not just me. If i get 2 shots off w/o swabbing I'm lucky.