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    If FedEx stops delivering Black Powder…

    Used to visit him every time I went to NSSA Nationals near Winchester. Like a kid going to a candy store.
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    Springfield 1842

    By the time that the 42 was in usage American infantry usually fought two-ranks deep, not often kneeling. Typically muskets were long so you could reach a horseman with the bayonet attached when dragoons (cavalry) charged a line. I've reenacted for over thirty years and know from experience that...
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    I have a serious question about the use of the Enfield rifle in the American Civil War.

    The case of Gettysburg was due to a musket failing to fire and a soldier not noticing and simply loading again as he had been trained. At Gettysburg there was one musket with 23 rounds down the barrel. Obviously whoever loaded that many rounds did not notice how far down the barrel the rammer...
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    Traditions 3 band Enfield kit build

    Oh and I would leave the barrel the bands and the lock in the white.
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    Traditions 3 band Enfield kit build

    If it were me I would file the modern markings off the top of the barrel, stamp the serial number on the bottom, sand the case hardening off the bands and lock and have a field altered Enfield like many from the Civil War. You will find one such altered musket in the Shiloh National Battlefield...
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    Traditions 3 band Enfield kit build

    Armi Sport contracts with Traditions. Armi Sport aka Armi Chiappa, actually produces them.
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    The Big .58?

    The Zouave rifles have shallow thee grove rifling, intended for minie balls, more than for patched round ball. I have a 1970s Mississippi in .58 that has the shallow 3-grove rifling. It does better with minies at longer ranges than round ball. I also shoot a Euroarms Mississippi in .54 that has...
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    Pedersoli vs. Loyalist Arms Indian

    I have owned Loyalist and never had a problem with them other than fhe metal being too shiny for me. I have owned India made guns from others with metal lock parts too soft or a painted on finish on the stock. Also had a Pedersoli 1795 that I had to beat the barrel bands with a wooden mallet to...
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    What states are you from?

    Born and raised in Indiana, then moved to south Georgia, then southwest Missouri and now central Oklahoma. Shot and reenacted in each state.
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    New member from the Milwaukee area

    Shot with the NSSA as well, Rockbridge Artillery, Midwest Region. Miss it. Always loved Nationals.
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    Euro Arms 1803 Harpers Ferry

    No sir. I'm more of a target shooter and reenactor.
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    Euro Arms 1803 Harpers Ferry

    I am on my second Euroarms 1803. You will have to sight it in. I had to file the front sight down on mine. Shoots great now. They don't make them anymore so if you decide to sell you will make money on the deal. They are always in demand.
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    New Member Hello

    From one Okie to another, howdy. Where'd you shoot?
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    Frizzen not opening

    Had that problem with my Navy Arms Charleville. I took the lock apart and cleaned everything really well, then found the frizzen was rubbing the barrel, so I filed that down slightly, but still had the problem. Went back to basics, put in a different flint, polished the frizzen spring and point...