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    Original Remington Zouave loads

    What region and team are you with, Dave? I was Midwest Region, Rockbridge Artillery when I was NSSA years ago. I shot a Zoli Zouave with the ashcan mould.
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Picked up a Euroarms. 54 caliber Mississippi rifle like the one I gave my son for a graduation present. Like new just needed to be oiled. Can't wait to get it to the range. When I checked serial numbers my son's rifle was 49904 and mine was 49912. Both may have been made on the same day. I have...
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    Now for something completely different

    I've studied Sherman for years as a history professor. Read several accounts, official documents, and every secondary source and never once I have read an order from Sherman to rape women. Years ago Lee Kennett, a professor at the University of Georgia, wrote Marching Through Georgia: The Story...
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    do loaded minnie balls move

    Depends on the size of the bore and the size of the minie. I shot with the North South Skirmish Association for many years. We shot minies in mukset competition. If a minie is way undersized they can slide down the bore without a rammer. What you want to do is mic the bore then mould a minie...
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    FOR SALE Garrett Sharps percussion Carbine - new price

    Let us know if you are looking to part with that Miroku.
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    1861 replica rifles ?

    Yes they did and they are highly sought after.
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    FOR SALE Zoli Buffalo Hunter $500 shipped

    Exactly. I got one stuck in a musket years ago. Took the barrel out, hung it muzzle down and heated the barrel where the ball was stuck. Melted right out. Works like a charm.
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    Looking for Mr. Abolt from 7th Infantry

    Do you have Steve's email?
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    CLOSED Euroarms or Pedersoli 1841 Rifle in .54 Caliber

    Just to encourage you, I have owned Mississippis made by Euroarms, Navy Arms (Antonio Zoli), and Replica Arms (Bernandeli). Any of them are good. The old Euroarms are .54 caliber but are really heavy. Mine shot true and was a tack-driver. I gave it to my youngest son when he got to outshoot me...
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    buying muzzleloaders, if you had to do it all over what would you have bought and not bought

    1. I would have bought the old CVA Pennsylvania long rifle I found that was in excellent shape. 2. I would have held onto my Rifle Shop 1840 flint musket. 3. I would have kept my Miroku 1861 Springfield.
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    Pedersoli vs. Loyalist Arms Indian

    True. They base it on what new Peds are going for. Still, good ones can be found, just have to be patient, or lucky. Maybe both.
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    Pedersoli vs. Loyalist Arms Indian

    I held out for a used Navy Arms Charleville and found one at the Tulsa Gun Show last year for $700. Those were made by Miruko back in the 70s and 80s. I have owned an older Pedersoli Bess. That was a great musket too. The older guns like those are better in my opinion. And they are a fraction...
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    Pedersoli vs. Loyalist Arms Indian

    Like others on here I have owned both Pedersoli and Indian muskets. With the latter, Loyalist has always been my favorite. The issue of spare parts is a concern with the Indian arms. I have been very disappointed with Pedersoli lately. The biggest complaint I have always had with Ped is how...
  14. longtoothpard

    Rifleman's cartridge box??

    The Rifle Regiment in the War of 1812 used a pouch and horn, but also a "belly box" which contained paper cartridges. I could be wrong, but I believe I read somewhere that riflemen were used with regular line infantry (I assume on the flanks) and in a standup fight they carried cartridges in the...
  15. longtoothpard

    Zoli "Zouave" Short Rifle

    This was what was known as a Zouave carbine. I remember seeing them in the Navy Arms catalog back in the early 1970s. They were simply a shorter Zouave rifle, and were intended as a brush gun. They did something similar with the so-called Buffalo gun, which was simply a sporterized Zouave with a...