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    Advice Please

    I'm in the 15-20 grain camp too. I think 50 grains might end up with a search party looking for the cannon! :)
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    Mould lube disaster

    Yup, it is mentioned. Too many years of using the Lee molds. Don't need to read the instructions anymore!! :doh:
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    I preparation for the day I dry ball one

    I've done that for the purpose of showing new shooter's how to deal with it.
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    Mould lube disaster

    I like that idea.:thumb:
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    Mould lube disaster

    Left hand threads!!! :oops: I shoulda thought about that possibility! I think they might have been.
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    Mould lube disaster

    Good and interesting tips, Zonie
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    Mould lube disaster

    I agree on the time limitations. In fact, i orxered two molds, a 570 and 575. At least i thought i did. Turns out that i ordere two 575 and that's the perfect size for my tw 58s so i already have a new 575. Naturally I'll still try to fix it just because!
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    Mould lube disaster

    ok, not really anywhere near "disaster" but it got your attention. :) A while back in a casting discussion (can't find it to link) the question of mold lube came up. I have always used the bullet lube solution and it worked well but, being curious like the cat i have to try new things and...
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    Colorado Leftover

    Watch the weather. Two years ago when it was so hot and dry the areas above timberline were brown and dry. The elk were in the wetter valleys at 7500 to 8000. This year could be de jevu all over again.
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    Drop tube diameter

    I know you already ordered, but for the benefit of other members, a drop tube can be msde from an aluminum arrow.
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    Crest butt plate fear

    another great vid by Bob. He is making a great contribution to muzzle loading. :thumb:
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    Last shooting. Group of 5 @ 50 yards

    Mine too! My solution is to retire for the day with an icey cold brew.
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    I preparation for the day I dry ball one

    If you are going to use a ball puller, be certain that it has a caliber specific collar. No collar easily results in the screw running off to the side and damaging the bore. The easiest way is with the CO2 method. Next up is the powder dribble. I have done the powder dribble more times...
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    Southern Rifle - South Carolina. Details/images/tips sought

    Dennis Glazener on the ALR site is a Gillespie descendant and has written on the subject. His web site is a good starting point. About American Longrilfes
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    Barrel Weights

    and the Rice and Colerain sites also describe the measurements of the various profiles.