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    Early 1800's Outfit.

    Who's going to RE tailor it for you when you put on a paunch? Hee, Hee! :blah: :rotf: :grin: :v volatpluvia
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    Tennessee Valley Muzzleloading - Virginia Pictures

    There is an actual sight file made. It cuts only on the two edges with the sides smooth so that you don't make your cut on a bias. It works really good. volatpluvia
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    Breaking in a lock

    I have never experienced lock break in. I KNOW I got better at handling the lock with the first productions rifles. By the time I got to using the name brand locks on builds of my own, all but that L & R 'Dickert' worked with excellence right out of the box they were mailed in. The L&R had a...
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    Beretta 12ga.

    Dixie, Just don't abuse the stock. It will break fairly easily at the back end of the barrels because the wood is thin and has no sides to stabilize it. One was brought to me many years ago to fix. It is a most difficult task to fix it. Then the owner broke it again. Just be aware of this...
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    Clay pigeons?

    CoyoteJoe, I must agree, clays with a flinter is some of the most fun I have ever had with a Muzzleloader. Especially when I beat cappers, hee, hee! It's even more fun when it is Sunday night at the Labor Day rifle frolic and the whole camp is out to watch. And the razzing is non stop winning...
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    African Trade Gun

    Looks a lot better than the clubby one I held in my hands back in the 70's. volatpluvia
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    new wheellock-1620

    Thanks Razpla, That video made my day. I can tell by the click that you have a very positive lockup. Fantastic work. volatpluvia
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    J.T. Phillips flint double

    Spence, Don't lose your barrel key in the field, okay? volatpluvia
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    CVA SXS Kit

    Paul, Back in the eighties I had a factory finished one. It was way too short. So I just slipped on a rubber boot type recoil pad on it. I wasn't concerned with looks because the fit and finish left a lot to be desired anyway. The boot surprisingly put my eye to where the poi was real good...
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    Wasp Season

    Blackhand, Why would that work when they hang outside all winter and then hatch in the spring? Just Curious. volatpluvia
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    Wasp Season

    Spudnut, Even though the hornets have left the nest, the eggs have not. Tear it apart and kill the eggs. volatpluvia
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    Leonard Day Dutch Trade Gun

    I have a friend who bought one of those two years ago at the Gun Maker's Faire. His girlfriend and I had to convince him to get out his mouldy money and not leave without it. We knew he would not go back for it. So he did. He loves the gonne. It is his favorite. He named it after his...
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    new wheellock-1620

    Raspla, Where do you get your perfectly cubed pyrite? Beautiful lock. volatpluvia
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    Shot my Lyman Deerstalker for the first time today

    I agree completely with Boondocker. TAKE IT BACK TO DIXON'S. THEY WILL SMILE AND THEN FIX YOUR GONNE. volatpluvia
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    RANGE REPORT: .62cal Smoothbore Flintlock Deer Load

    Oh, Roundball, I assure you there will be days when you just want to take your new rifle afield. Tee, Hee! :thumbsup: :v :bow: :grin: volatpluvia