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    Alaska Black Bear...

    How did your hunting trip go?
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    Round ball mold by T/C

    I was wrong about my T/C molds being steel (Iron?). After reading over the tread and people's responses, I pulled out molds from T/C(BP), Lee(BP), Lyman(HG), and RCBS(HG). The Lyman and RCBS would catch a magnet from any direction. The T/C and Lee would always have a spot that would not grab...
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    Round ball mold by T/C

    I have a set of molds for a T/C Renegade .54. I bought 2 molds when I bought the gun (long time ago!), a Maxi-Ball and a Maxi-Hunter. The Maxi-Hunter is still in the sealed factory package. Both are steel. There is no maker markings on the the package that I can see other than T/C. (Edit...
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    Bison Hunting

    Alaska just announced another raffle tag for the Delta area Bison herd.
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    How much Gun for Big Game? or How Little!

    It was a nice write up and an education in "what's possible"...Thanks for sharing.
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    How much Gun for Big Game? or How Little!

    I was reading American Hunter (NRA) Members' Best 2021 when a ML pic caught my eye. Elk shot at 248 yards, T/C Renegade using 80 gr Pyrodex behind 458 gr. Lee .500 S&W bullet.
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    Bison Hunting

    Alaska also had (has?) raffle tags for several hunts including Bison this year. The more tickets you buy the better your much $ you got? Good luck in any case. I'd love to do a Bison hunt. In AK you can use a ML, but you have to have a HP center fire rifle within reach.
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    How much Gun for Big Game? or How Little!

    No bear expert here, but: One of the part time neighbors was working on his cabin and I stopped to say Hi. We got to talking about deer hunting and he said how he use to hunt deer on Kodiak. I looked at his back side and he gave me a ? look. I said I was looking for the part that the bear bit...
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    Pyrodex shortage, newbie question

    OP might check with Bi-Mart. Sportsman Warehouse may be able to help you out as well.
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    Alaska Black Bear...

    "Purchase it online and have it shipped to your guideand (sic) just pay the hazmat fee." To Alaska...give it a try and let us know how that worked out. It can be done...but not really. Every thing has to be shipped to AK. Hazmat stuff can not be sent by air. Most stuff is shipped to AK by...
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    How I Make A Ramrod and Range Rod

    Thank you! Edit: I broke my TC rod and need to replace it soon. I have a couple of Al rods (range and shop) that don't fit under the barrel.
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    Hunting Elk in CO

    Muzzleloading hunting regulations are "interesting". Here is the Alaska regulations for hunting Bison with a ML. Weapons Legal for Bison Hunting 1. Rifle/Handgun: Must fire a minimum of a 175 grain bullet having a minimum of 2,800 ft/lb energy at the muzzle. 2. Muzzleloader...
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    Alaska People?

    We live in the Valley. I took the the F&G ML test last year (2019) when it was well below freezing...I thought that was cold and was very glad when they said I passed the shooting part. This year (2020) I checked out a new place to shoot (killing time while the dog was at the beauty shop) and...
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    My 2020 elk.

    Nice elk from both hunts! It's nice to see what your load did. VA Hawken: you have been blessed to travel in the Bob Marshall. I did a couple of "50 Mile Hikes" there while a Boy Scout. Those trips are very special memories!
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    Thompson percussion rifles

    Thanks Barry. I broke my wood rod just before putting the rifle away for the Winter. I don't think I'll be getting a new wood rod from TC! I was happy I found the fiberglass one I bought when I first got the rifle. After reading your thoughts, I'm not so sure I'll use it out side of field...