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    Smoky smell.

    Maybe just rub skunk on it! That should hide the smell
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    Immoveable Traditions sights

    You have tried hitting it sideways. Try hitting down just in case there is rust or something in the join. Don't hit too hard as it may make it tighter. This may help loosen it. As a last resort make a saw cut part of the way through. This will relieve the end to end pressure. The deeper you cut...
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    I finally started my golden age Lancaster build.

    You poor blighter. My heart goes out to you. So much to hunt and so little time......😥
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    What would you choose?

    No predators of note here. A few small roos and heaps of small game. So 14g SXS and Remington New army. Musketoon would be nice though....
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    Modifying a lock

    BUt how??
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    I think you nailed it Two Feathers. Looks just like:ghostly: a knife to me
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    Music for Canon Battles

    Oops sorry:oops:
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    Music for Canon Battles

    1812 overture. Hands down. The history of the piece: Despite what the name might make you think, this work was actually composed in 1880 and first performed in 1882. Also contrary to what you might think, this work has nothing to do with the War of 1812 between the United States and the...
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    Starting out casting balls and bullets

    So true. Roof flashing and lead wheel weights are not in short supply so never had to scroiunge range lead or anything. But whatever your source it is best to melt and clean your scrap in a seperate operation to casting bullets and then make ingots. I use muffin tins to do alloy and a Lee mold...
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    Starting out casting balls and bullets

    I started out with a second hand cooking pot, a gravy ladle and a little propane camp stove. Reality is you dont even need that much. On the assumption you have PP&E covered. Basically you can go all out or start at a comfortable spot and work up I would suggest going to the local Op Shop and...
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    Parker Hale Musketoon

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    New member from Australia

    Canberra aye. Only 4 hours from me. What and wheresabouts do you hunt? Not precisely just general area. FYI - In Leeton. Moved here a few months back. Have been hunting twice so far and only managed to see a hare's backside. Not quite what I was hoping for.
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    It would change things. It just a question of how much. The muzzle blast basically reflects off the jag onto the bullet pushing it. If we could mention non muzzleloaders I would point out that Mosin Nagants are sighted in with a fixed bayonet and the front sight is visibly off centre due to this...
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    Parker Hale Musketoon

    What a gorgeous gun!
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    Traditional and accurate

    If you are serious about range look at an English Target rifle like the Henry by Rod England. 45 cal shoots conicals to several hundred yards. This sort of thing