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    WANTED Left hand flintlock

    I have a left hand 62 smoothie new, never fired.
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    WANTED Left hand flintlock

    How much are you looking to spend? Which state are you in?
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    Favorite Smoothbore

    20 gauge Fusil De Chasse, 44 inch barrel built by Trevor Ross of Ross Reproductions and Restorations.
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    Powder flask in Bag or Chest Strap ?

    Carry flask in the bag. One less thing to flop around and make noise.
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    EMF customer service is tops.
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    how to antique brass?

    Why not actuall use what you're wanting aged. Not trying to be argumentative but why? Do you honestly think our ancestors got new brass buttons or brass hardware on a gun and said oh crap i dont want to look like a newbie so better age this? Be authentic to yourself, use your gear and let it...
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    SOLD Hunting knife Sith quilled belt sheath

    If you can wait till late August, I'll take it.
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    SOLD Hunting knife Sith quilled belt sheath

    What steel was used for the blade?