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    Kman reacted to Darkhorse's post in the thread Flint to frizzen spacing... with Like Like.
    I keep a small bottle of alcohol in my bag and one of the first things I do before priming for a hunt is to wipe the face of the...
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    Kman replied to the thread Unbreakable ramrod.
    TOW sells delrin rods. Work great just need to put ends on and pin them
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    Kman replied to the thread Pedersoli using Cekote.
    I own a pedersoli Pennsylvania.45 Flintlock with less than 100 rounds that has this coating on the barrel. It’s starting to peel off...
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    Kman replied to the thread Lyman Great Plains Rifle.
    I live in Nova Scotia Canada so black powder firearms are not as easy to get your hands on here . Just placed an order for Great Plains...