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  1. Kiwi Hawkeye

    Powder loads

    Hi Is it possible to use 4f in a 50cal rifle with a reduced load?
  2. Kiwi Hawkeye

    Help Identify

    Hi Folks. Just came to have 2 of these but have no idea what they are for.
  3. Kiwi Hawkeye

    Anti seize grease

    Thanx for all the replies. It might be as "Deermanok" says. I used Triple 7
  4. Kiwi Hawkeye

    Anti seize grease

    Hi Folks. Is "Anti seize grease" all the same? I have been using "Permatex" but after 20 shots my nipple is extremely hard to remove.
  5. Kiwi Hawkeye

    Zouave Rifle Rear Sight - Options?

    How did you solder on the front sight. Does it damage the blueing
  6. Kiwi Hawkeye

    Trigger pressure

    Hi Can someone tell me what the trigger pressure is on a Pedersoli single trigger Kentucky rifle please
  7. Kiwi Hawkeye

    WANTED Kentucky rifle

    I am after a quality but not an heirloom Kentucky rifle in 50cal
  8. Kiwi Hawkeye

    WITHDRAWN Thompson/Center Hawken - .50 caliber; unfired

    Hi Can I buy it for $300. I am a newbee wanting to get into BP
  9. Kiwi Hawkeye

    Lock Parts

    All done thanx guys
  10. Kiwi Hawkeye

    Lock Parts

    I have a TC Hawken 50cal that needs a lock part specifically the "FLY". Any ideas where I might find one
  11. Kiwi Hawkeye

    Value a Gun

    I am looking at a 1970s sears roebuck 45cal miroku in good condition. What would be a fair price for it?
  12. Kiwi Hawkeye

    1863 Zouave

    Can someone help me out here. How does the front sight attach to the barrel on a 1863 Zouave 58cal Repop