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    the battle of new Orleans buried?

    Gen. Pakenham was the brother-in-law of Arthur Wellesley who became the Duke of Wellington. Pakenham was 36 years old when he died.
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    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Appreciation Post

    The only movie that I know which follows the book is "Cool Hand Luke"
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    Hunting South Africa

    Some years ago I took a shotgun along and a couple of boxes of 12 gage shells that were reloads, only they were full of GOEX 2f. I hunted up in Botswana but went through SA Customs twice with my double 58 cal. and the shotgun that I never shot. I have 2 Cape Buffs, one was the SCI record for...
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    Committee of Safety musket

    Was this the armory that Fielding Lewis, George Washingtons brother-in-law started up in Fredericksburg?
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    Bore diameter.

    And Eddie is an all around good guy!!
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    Inherited rifle

    I have seen a lot of Jack Garner rifles. I have never seen one that was not good craftmanship!!
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    To get back to rendevzous. Am I the only one here that was at La Veta in 1980 when Charlton Heston, his wife, his son and daughter-in-law came to the rendevzous and we had the World Premier of the movie the Mountain Men??
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    I just received this from Estes Rockets about the GOEX plant!!!!!!!!!

    Well worth reading this article! Thanks
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    Last of the Mohicans??

    Both of these good men sadly gone.
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    1781ish?- the whole Kit and Kaboodle

    I have one of Gary's block prints hanging in my house and it is one of my true prizes. His prints bring big money.
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    1781ish?- the whole Kit and Kaboodle

    Not to hurt your feelings but Gary Birch is the Gold Standard!
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    1781ish?- the whole Kit and Kaboodle

    Anyone who knows would be ecstatic to get a Gary Birch bag! you are very fortunate.
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    Change my log in name?

    His soon to be ex-wife wants 1/2 of his log-in name:)
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    TC Barrels from Sharon?

    Does anyone have any idea of the value? I am getting older (I am 78). I might be willing to part with it as I have no children
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    TC Barrels from Sharon?

    As a point of information I own Hall Sharon’s personal .58 cal. Hawkin. He traded/sold it to Ron Brimer who was the Director of Art at GA -public broadcasting years ago. I got it from Ron and used it for hog hunting. It has taken a few deer in its time. It has a beautiful tiger strip maple...