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    Our group in the woods (sharing a picture)

    Imagine if you will that you're on a day hike with a buddy or two, just moseying along enjoying a morning in the forest. The two or three of you round a turn & suddenly encounter five guys posing as they are in the photo. Why, you might be shocked into thinking you'd been instantly transported...
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    New member from Australia

    Welcome! How ya goin'? Which state do you call home? Anywhere near Ascot or Morley, W.A.?
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    LYMAN GPR Users Unite and tell us your story

    I've wanted to do that for some time. Finally able to purchase a kit early last winter & give it a try. Sure took some patience though. Now just let the patina naturally occur.
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    MUST HAVE features on a possibles bag?

    The practical recommendations & objective suggestions well-illustrate the extensive experience of Loyalist Dave (brother Marine). Read at least twice! Just a suggestion: if you're compartmentalising or modularising items for your bag, consider pre-loading paper cartridges at home. They'll...
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    Springfield 1842

    Folks lived different lifestyles 150+ years ago. It's possible that many didn't find the '42 too heavy to manage. There are some today who will say a heavier rifle or musket actually steadies their aim. Each to his/her own, eh? Whatever works.
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    I’m Getting Back Into It Gang

    It's unmentionably sad to have a good member depart, regardless if there's an occasional mention of unmentionables. I should mention, however, that it's an unmentionably happy event to have that individual return! ALL the stores in my area still have "bare cupboards" in shooting supplies. While...
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    LYMAN GPR Users Unite and tell us your story

    I've always favoured the GPR's appearance & construction (Interarms), & I was able to secure two .54 cal. kits after quite a number of years. One was finished with a vintage look, & the other in a polished in-the-white. The latter will be allowed to develop its own unique patina which...
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    Shooting Bag Question

    You can ditch the ball starter if you cone your weapon's muzzle.
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    Pilgrim from Tucson Az!

    The range could use more, but few things are truly ideal. C.G. is fortunate to have the range as it is, & those I've encountered have been congenial, safe & inclined to shoot "unmentionables." There was a time once a month on an early Saturday morning when the Sawtooth group would need to extend...
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    Pilgrim from Tucson Az!

    Yes, sorry to say. The group disbanded in the early 1990s. Nothing "in the wind" since then unless you're interested in Civil War reenactment/living history with the Arizona Civil War Council (ACWC) which is an excellent organisation. There are a few small groups in the state, but nothing in the...
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    Pilgrim from Tucson Az!

    Remember the Sawtooth Mountain Men?
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    Cleaning up cast tomahawk head?

    Very nice! I agree with your thoughts on lightly using 0000 steel wool to back off the bluing. Your 'hawk looks brand spankin' new which is fine if that's the look you want. Gradually applying steel wool would soften the bluing & give it an antiquish appearance which might be more favourable for...
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    How much Gun for Big Game? or How Little!

    How about this little bugger, U.S. model 1855 .58 cal. pistol carbine, shooting a 450 gr. hollow base minié ball? With the detachable shoulder stock, it measures 28 1/4" long & weighs 5 lbs. 7 oz. The pistol alone measures 17 3/4" long & weighs 3 lbs. 13 oz. For ignition, it can use the Maynard...
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    How much Gun for Big Game? or How Little!

    As Smokey the Bear used to say, "Be sure it's out -- dead out."