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    where have all the.45's gone?

    .45s?? What happened to all the .32s and .36s? Ned Roberts in The Muzzleloading Caplock Rifle spoke extensively about those even smaller calibers for such critters as deer and bear. Of course he was talking about dedicated marksmen and real woodsmen who knew how to use their tools and how to...
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    Coffee and tea, alone or together, make good dyes. Google Pioneer Thinking or Natural Dyes. There are several sites that have good basic information on dying using natural plant materials.
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    Scopes on a percussion....

    Scopes, as such, are certainly "traditional" from somewhat before the Civil War. For SNIPERS, not Hunters!! However, modern large lens scopes are not traditional and should not be encouraged on any muzzleloader, IMHO. Muzzleloaders do not have the ballistics sufficient to make clean kills...
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    Under hammer what do you think?

    Love the underhammers I've had over the years, including the current Ruggles style in my Avatar. Nothing inherently right or wrong about them,any more than there is with a side lock, top lock or mule-ear muzzleloader.
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    looking for parts distributor

    The only bits Numrich Arms carry are the bis to assemble a Creedmore sight for one of the Pedersoli rifles...
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    why does flyers happend

    Localized fluctuations in the gravitational constant. That's what we always said on the USAF pistol team...
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    Haversack Cheese

    The other option for cheeses, especially here in Florida which is one of the least cheese-friendly outdoor environments on the planet, is to store and carry your cheese in a small (say fist-sized) crock, wooden or bark box like a Shaker box, or even a gourd container.
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    pattern for a huters frock coat

    Chris - do you mean a Hunting Frock? A Frock Coat is a different critter, and was worn by gentlemen like we would wear a suit jacket or sport coat. A Frock Coat is what LaBonte showed you a pattern of. A Hunting Shirt is usually a pull over. A Hunting Frock is open down the front and wraps...
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    Smokeless tobacco

    You can still find twist type chewing tobacco online
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    Big Mens Clothes

    Mountain man thong? That's an itsy bitsy teenie weenie breechclout! Glad to hear you found a source for large size clothes. I wasn't aware that there was much, if any being made. Good thread!
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    Big Mens Clothes

    Hmmm, the Twin Otter Trading I was able to find is a Work Clothing and Industrial Laundry service in Kent, WA, nothing to do with reenactment clothing. I'm afraid Steve, that if you've gotta have more than two Xs, you'll probably have to end up making your own kit...
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    .36 Ruggles patent underhammer

    Appealing? Their sex appeal. Look at this 24th century "Ray Gun" design from the early-mid 1800s: Yes that is an original First Model Pocket Rifle by Ethan Allen (not the one from the Rev. War) It has an 8" barrel (from the hammer to the muzzle). They sure as heck don't make a firearm that...
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    Do Nessmuk formulas work?

    Nessmuk was The Real Deal. His formulas work as well as anything available at the time; his techniques and such the same; I've been using them for decades. My Wee Lassie weighs a bit more than his, but then I'm a bit bigger too. The man basically invented what we used to call Ultralight...
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    What is on your to do list?

    Footwear here as well. Do I spend $75-$200 for CW Brogans, or try to make something appropriate like wooden-soled shoes or even Seminole moccasins? CW shirt I made. Trousers I bought new, cap I got second hand.
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    .36 Ruggles patent underhammer

    Nice! He sure does a good job! I like the older hammer, too. Mine has the flat hammer. Next time I'll get the older style. Swede - He charges about $125 to $175 depending on barrel length. Makes good looking long arms too.