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    4F powder

    Got my cigar, got my high ball, ready to enjoy my two friends Britsmoothy and Carbon 6 agree to disagree
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    Trade guns

    I love mine
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    Trade guns

    You are 100% spot on. Matt was the best. I have their Officer's Model and broke the lock spring. Call Matt and he said send the lock to him and in less than 8 or 10 days got the lock back not only did he replace the spring but clean and repolish the whole lock at no charge. I just hope he...
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    Why are others always tweaking with their guns?

    For the most part I think you are right. Have a friend that has to fix what ever he buys. I always tell he has to be the most unlucky guy around. We buy the same things and my always works out of the box. But I think here is the difference, I shoot just for fun and fill the dinner plate...
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    Failing eyes- loosing the front sight cure

    Buy a shotgun and get close.
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    Flash melt, wads, and bore butter?

    Like everyone else just another BS story to get you to buy stuff you don't need. I use wads and never have a problem.
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    Boiling water!

    I am with you on this one. I went from boiling water to warm water, safer and does just as good for MY needs. And now for my smoothbore and cap & balls I just use a mix of ballistol and water. ( 1 to 7 parts) and that does a good job. But I never worry about using water just dry and oil the bore.
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    Infected, anyone else?

    Brokennock, so far you are the only person I know who has had it. And I am very glad you are well now.
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    All large vous have been cancelled This summer in the Northeast except for the Ancient Ones!

    Our two main Roovs . where I live have be cancelled.
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    Walker issues

    All I am saying is you just don't read about cap jams in all the old books. And today unless you work a gun over its a big problem. Now before someone tells me they have never had a cap jam, I am talking about most of the repros now. My first colt cap and ball I got in the early 70's from...
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    Walker issues

    If your G-G-Grandpa was a ranger that early and rode down into Mexico with Col Hays he was one tough hombre. Read a good book on the early rangers and when they went to fight the Mexico War. You have some real proud history in your family. I think this is the book but not 100% sure. The...
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    Very stupid, very lucky

    Jackass High School
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    Infected, anyone else?

    Hope you both stay well.