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    Traditional Turkey Hunting continuation...

    I’m with you! I just can’t bring myself to “sneak” up and ambush a Gobbler. If I can’t lure them in, they get a pass! While sneaking in to ML range of a long beard is a feat to be proud of, it’s just not the same for me. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing!!!
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    The Trade Gun scores!

    Tsaan Wookkuh!!! Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!
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    Boss gobbler seasoned with black powder

    Tsaan Wookkuh Skychief!! Love them hooks! The birds I shoot out west don’t grow them like that!!
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    Social distancing and turkey hunting

    You heard right! Turkey tags in NV are a draw. And traveling out of state like I normally do is a tad risky at this point. Too many big cities to try and bypass! Good on you for figuring out how to make it happen for you !! Good luck Friend!
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    Social distancing and turkey hunting

    That is a most excellent pattern!! Skychief special?
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    Turkey Hunting Week Day 3 Afternoon

    Tsaan Wookkuh on gobbler #2!!
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    Turkey Hunting Week Day 2

    Tsaan Wookkuh!! I’m late to the party but enjoying every word!!
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    One Down, Two To Go!

    Tsaan Wookkuh!! I guess I’ll be living vicariously through y’all this year since I’m stuck in Nevada! Thanks for sharing!!
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    Infected, anyone else?

    Hope you are feeling better Brokennock! Praying for all who may and go have it! This too shall pass.
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    Skychief Smoothbore Load Recipe........

    The turkeys where I hunt curse the Skychief special out of my 20 gauge Fowler!! Bang flop!!! A little over a month to the opener!!! Woohoo!!
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    Old Longrifle finally gets a deer

    Tsaan Wookkuh Okawbow!! I think everyone should have a .45 caliber long rifle!!
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    My Starter :)

    Nice!! Glad you made something work!
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    2019 Iowa

    Tsaan Wookkuh!! You are blessed to have a place like that to call your own. You mentioned coyotes. That may be part of your problem. Thanks for sharing!!
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    South West Deer Hunt chronicles....

    Tsaan Wookkuh Sparkitoff!! Can’t wait for chapter 2!!! thanks for sharing!!
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    Hammer throw?

    It’s important to know if you are replacing a hammer. If the throw is different than the original, it may not hit the nipple correctly. Same with a flint. It needs to hit the frizzen face correctly to get good spark and not chew up flints. At least that is my understanding of it.