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    Skychief Smoothbore Load Recipe........

    The turkeys where I hunt curse the Skychief special out of my 20 gauge Fowler!! Bang flop!!! A little over a month to the opener!!! Woohoo!!
  2. jrmflintlock

    Old Longrifle finally gets a deer

    Tsaan Wookkuh Okawbow!! I think everyone should have a .45 caliber long rifle!!
  3. jrmflintlock

    My Starter :)

    Nice!! Glad you made something work!
  4. jrmflintlock

    2019 Iowa

    Tsaan Wookkuh!! You are blessed to have a place like that to call your own. You mentioned coyotes. That may be part of your problem. Thanks for sharing!!
  5. jrmflintlock

    South West Deer Hunt chronicles....

    Tsaan Wookkuh Sparkitoff!! Can’t wait for chapter 2!!! thanks for sharing!!
  6. jrmflintlock

    Hammer throw?

    It’s important to know if you are replacing a hammer. If the throw is different than the original, it may not hit the nipple correctly. Same with a flint. It needs to hit the frizzen face correctly to get good spark and not chew up flints. At least that is my understanding of it.
  7. jrmflintlock

    PA. rifle deer season

    Tsaan Wookkuh!! Good eats!! I’m jealous!! In Nevada, it’s one Deer a year if you can draw a tag!! Good luck in the late season!!
  8. jrmflintlock

    Hammer throw?

    Ahh!!! Thanks Dave!!!!
  9. jrmflintlock

    Hammer throw?

    How do I measure hammer throw on a percussion lock? Thanks for any help!! Ps.. it the same for a flintlock?
  10. jrmflintlock

    2019 Elk hunt

    Tsaan Wookkuh elkslayer!!! That definitely sounds like quite the haul! But that is elk hunting, especially late season! I’ve taken several calf elk, when they present themselves without a full grown elk for comparison it’s very hard to tell. But as you know, there is not much better table...
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    WANTED Ball Starter (Custom)

    I can make you one. PM me if you want.
  12. jrmflintlock

    2019 flintlock buck

    Tsaan Wookkuh Skychief!!! That is a magnificent buck!! The Width is insane!!! Congrats!!
  13. jrmflintlock

    Hunting Question

    Walkingeagle, you have me wanting to go out and try shooting a few geese!! Sounds yummy. Not many geese where I’m at but I knew a guy who used to go after them. Jump shoot them on the river. I may have to try it!
  14. jrmflintlock

    Casting round balls

    I have been casting ball for over 20 years. I still use a cast iron pot a fire/burner and a lee dipper. I have bag molds and Lee molds. That is all you need. Want is a whole other matter. roto metals and sometimes Midway USA for lead. Some say pure others argue alloy. I shoot wheel weights...
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    Hunting is good for you.

    Amen Brit and Loyalist Dave!! Amen!! Thanks!!
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