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    Dixie Gunworks- Problems

    The entire supply chai is messed up. What we used to get in 3 days is now a week. Its the same all over
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    Another Stupid Human Trick.....

    After all these decades, we have seen many ramrods go down range. Its one of the fun things to see at rondy
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    Track of the Wolf Kits

    Kibler, Chambers, and TOTW, are all better than most production gun sold today. That is why I used Muzzle Loader Supply. They let you pick and choose every parts. even have 3 grades of metal ware, gold, silver, and steel. My rifle is a copy of a Virginia Sheetz rifle, but it is of my touches...
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    What makes a Tennessee mountain rifle?

    How about Tenn black walnut? It is native
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    Percussion or Flintlock?

    Oh Pashaw! Come to the darkside... We have cookies!
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    Cleaning new guns

    Took mine into the shower with really hot water and Dawn soap.
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    First flintlock advice needed

    If them kits come with either a L&R or Chambers lock, I would concur. Its first name is flint, but its family name is lock. Would not change out my Late Ketland for the world & a bucket of locks.
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    CLOSED flintlock wanted

    Over the border there is a guild of gunmakers, might be someone in spokane, or maybe even in your hood. May even be folks here, ya never know. Most are going to ask, what ya want it for. calibers, weight, etc. We went hog wild and built one. Not to fancy, but its mine.
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    Asking again. Best load for a .50 cal?

    What I did was use the Davenport formula to find the max charge the barrel could take without shooting unburnt powder out the barrel and wasting it. My ole measure was 75gr for under 100 yards, and 150gr for over 100 yards. (that is what my horn measure holds). Then I used the formula and...
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    Swabbing between shots?

    Have shot 75 rounds without one swab, Deep cut grooves in the ole Rice barrel. Each round cleans the prior one. Thompson Center 1000+ Bore Butter & No. 13 Cleaner. Even our patches are soaked in No.13. Being lazy has its advantages
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    Childish but some what effective

    plugging in an Lee electric furnace might be a tad safer, and wont burn the carpet.
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    Ballistol has petroleum in it. It is not water nor natural based. Petroleum + burnt black powder = sludge
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    Proper flint installation?

    Lead VS leather, Here is what Jim Chambers has to say: Lead in his locks voids the warranty. Good enough for me.
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    I want to move on and experience flintlocks. Any suggestions as to a starter flintlock?

    If it has a brand name on it, we will not buy it. I have had enough of third world production quality. Build one, or bought a built one.
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    Effects of paper patched bullets on rifling

    I make a lot of 45/70 paper patched rounds. I have had a bullet mold made for my rifle. The size of the boolit is .020 smaller than the bore. so when I do a two wrap, its a hair over bore. Dry paper too. Id not try this with a bore stuffer.