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    Barrel Length

    My latest acquisition, a 44" 40 cal, 15/16" Bedford style, (with a little old age thrown in), is forcing me to learn the elbow in the rib cage and leaning way back style of hold. I intend to win a few matches with it. All my other guns, I can still hold them the old fashioned way, supporting...
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    Whatever happened to Tick Licker?

    I was carpentering in downtown Chicago and heard about an upcoming appearance of Mr. Parker at the Museum of Broadcast. Late 70's, early 80's. I left work and hoofed it there in a hurry with my Dixie Gun Works Powder horn. Met him at the door with felt marker in hand. Security tried to shoo me...
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    Possible L&R Durs Egg design flaw

    Nice work. The lock plate/cock clearance was acceptable from the factory, around .025". It is now about the thickness of a dollar bill. But, however the parts are manufactured nowadays, very little machining is need to make them work. So why did I have to file about .030" off the back of the...
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    Possible L&R Durs Egg design flaw

    Thanks for the replies and agree about fitting at the factory. However if the cock is .190" thick at the hole and the squared portion of the tumbler is only .110" in length, I call foul. It should be at least as long as the hammer is thick so it can be properly fitted. I did work it down as...
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    Possible L&R Durs Egg design flaw

    The cock went flying and the retaining screw failed on an almost new Durs Egg. This is not a new problem to me as I have another on an older gun. The square post on a flintlock tumbler should be flush with the hammer face, and is on my other locks. The post on the L&R durs egg barely engages...
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    Your first ML rifle

    In '76 I set a work bench up in the sunny room of our apartment and started my first rifle. It got put on hold and I didn't finish it until '89 in my now basement workshop. Jerry Marsh precarve, Russ Hamm lock, 45 cal Douglas barrel, 44" by 1:66 twist. Straight out of Buchele's book and...
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    Bib Overalls

    They were the best for my 36 years in the carpentry trade. Wore out many a pair. OshKosh had the superior design, especially the nail apron and placement and purpose of the pockets. Everyone wore them around here in those days and had a real tool box, too. Devolved to a big belt with 10 or 20...
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    Why are or aren't you an NMLRA member?

    There was some talk in the editorials and letters about that to help revive a flagging membership a while back, but I have not seen an article with any inlines, scopes or sabots (did I missed them?). And no talk about it lately either. Magazine's better than ever. I'm especially enjoying Fred...
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    Hickok and His .36 Navy Revolvers

    The guns in the bust at the Adams Museum, Deadwood last June are large in stature just like the Legend.
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    Jerimiah Johnson

    The movie sure gave a needed shot in the arm to muzzle loading/rendezvousing in general, just like "A River runs Through It " did for fly fishing. That's something we need a lot more of, historical accuracy aside. "Didn't put enough dirt down, saw it right off". "I've been to a town". Lines...
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    Dugout canoes

    Not to be confused with "yellow poplar" which most carpenters are very familiar with and not a true Poplar. I should have clarified "Eastern Cottonwood" in my post #32 above. Eastern Cottonwood is very common around here with many large specimens. Yellow Poplar also called "tulip" not so much...
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    Dugout canoes

    Here's one made by one of the most talented people I know, Todd D. (shown paddling), hewn from cottonwood and launched at the Joliet Muzzle Loaders 2015 fall 'vous, the Wed. before camp. It wasn't as heavy as I expected probably because it was thinned out perfectly. Also very stable.
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    Joliet Muzzleloaders

    Hats off to Darrin McDonal who cut his muzzle loading chops as a member of our club. He is featured in January's "It Starts With a Barrel" article in "American Rifleman" about gun making at Colonial Williamsburg. We saw firsthand his "Sheetz Rifle"...
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    Single trigger expected pound pull?

    4 pounds is fine. Make sure the sear to tumbler angles are proper so it stays cocked if "bumped".
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    Fancy Camp Beds

    I made this some years back. The George Washington "Valley Forge" cot was my inspiration. Spent many a comfortable night on it. It's now 75"x 29". I recently eliminated the foot board and shortened it a couple inches to better fit my trailer.