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    Canoe Alternatives

    I seem to recall a reinactor group built a birchbark canoe on the banks of a river, somewhere in the mid-west, using techniques and materials available to Indians. Upon completion, they launched it . . . .whereupon it immediately fell apart due to the high pollution in the river!
  2. J

    Ramrod Out Of Pieces

    Did you pin the ends?
  3. J

    muzzleloading machinists of old

    Cecil Brooks . . . . .maker of the “presentation” rifle at the annual NRA conventions of old.
  4. J

    Wedge pin insertion- Right to Left or Left-Right ?

    Which ever way is more secure . . . . Actually, I put a SLIGHT ARC on the key, to insure a snug fit!
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    Are Shippers Targeting Guns?

    As I’ve said before, I once had an UPS driver ADMIT to me, that he often used “those long, skinny, boxes” in his truck as a step stool to reach up high and retrieve a package from a shelf in his truck. Also read accounts of some customers receiving boxes with FOOTPRINTS on them!
  6. J

    When did 4F powder come into use for pan priming ?

    I would think the finer powder ignites faster than coarser powder, so that would speed up ignition of the main charge.
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    Help me out here

    Additionally . . . I think the octagons use a simple “pivoting” loading lever . . . .while the round barrels use the “creeping” levers.
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    Next Generation Smoke

    My thought also . . .especially shooting the flinter! The boy is far too young to have PREVENTIBLE vision problems!!
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    Quite right . . . . Soaking the BEST QUALITY (not Chinese garbage) steel wool in alcohol to remove oil BEFORE dewiskering is the key! Ever notice, when tearing a Chinese #0000 wool pad, the steel “dust” that becomes airborne as you tear? That’s because China uses very short strands of steel . ...
  10. J

    LOL, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Now, THAT is what I used to call, the John Wayne load! It was in his movies, that I first noticed his Colt’s had the ability to never run out of ammo! Now, of course, it’s Hickok 45’s calling loading only five in the cylinder that constitutes the “John Wayne Load.”
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    LOL, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Just another “Hollywood misque.” How many times have we seen Mexican banditos with bandoliers of large caliber ammo (30-06, .30 Krag, etc.) draped across their chests, while toting Winchester carbines chambered for pistol cartridges.
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    What is a good length for an American longrifle ?

    Iffin’ ya’ get ‘em too long, you’d need to stand on a stool to load ‘em! Also, a “swamped” barrel would be near-manditory.
  13. J

    Just got a brand new lemon

    I had a similar fubar with eBay . . .. . In the end, they embezzled $12 from me. Never again, will they see me!
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    As is said, “Well, hell.”

    I wonder if “Navel Jelly” would give bright steel the desired “soft gray” appearance.