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    Cannon American Eagle Safe Failed

    ain't technology great
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    33rd Regiment of Foot - Lord Cornwallis' Own

    great uniforms easy to see
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    hammer spring not heavy enough

    hey mike , need you to tune this up for me if you have time let me know
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    hammer spring not heavy enough

    1851pietta brass frame #10cap and nipples spring was not replaced or changed came new 44 cal' useing remington cap s
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    hammer spring not heavy enough

    hammer won't bust caps. is a way to make hammer hit harder??
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    ads for auto insurance and jc pennys

    how do i get rid of the ads ?? when i get the forum in my e mail it has ads and this day in history. please help.
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    Need help with locating some patching material

    get mine at October country they have all sizes call it daisy patch
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    Pietta 1851 confusion

    # 10s on my pietta 1851
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    Hello from So Cal!

    welcome from Kern county
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    Traditions is the "Harbor Freight Tools" of Muzzleloading?

    i have atraditions 50 cal hawken style rifle and enjoy it , just wish i had been a better craftsmen
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    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    1970 cva 69 calflinter pistol
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    Hello from Muzzle-Loaders

    welcome from california
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    Hi From The Left Coast

    welcome from kern co,