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    SOLD ASM for CVA .36 unfired ( AM, 1984)

    $180 free holster free shipping priority mail with tracking
  2. jim bowie

    SOLD .32 CVA Squirrel rifle

    I know I'm going to regret selling this one. You just can't find them in this good of shape. Super clean cva squirrel rifle , patch comes out clean no snags or roughness , aluminum rod is not scratched up. If this has been shot it's hard to tell. Muzzle is undamaged. Folks, look at these...
  3. jim bowie

    SOLD ASM for CVA .36 unfired ( AM, 1984)

    Nice revolver, engraved cylinder, superior grip profile, brass has a butterscotch patina. The pistol shows no evidence of being fired, bore is perfect, bottom of chambers still shiny. .36 caliber.71/2" barrel. I'll include a holster . 200$ tyd , conus, thanks for looking As a lot of you know I...
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    SOLD Pietta 1858 44

    Definitely worth the asking price, nice revolver. I'd buy it if I didn't already have several. Im betting this will be sold in less than 24 hours
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    CLOSED Spare cylinder 58 pietta

    Found one, thanks Please close this, thanks
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    CLOSED Spare cylinder 58 pietta

    If someone has one they can part with reasonably, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
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    SOLD Old CVA kit .45

    Here's another pistol that could use some improvements. I'll give whoever built it credit for a creative replacement ramrod. This pistol shoots ok, and the bore is ok. 145$ tyd , conus,where legal
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    SOLD Fix Me 58

    Here's an early 3 digit serial FIE import i was going to make into a round butt snubbie. I'm never going to get to it ,so here ya go. Needs a new hand , tip broke off this one. Needs a set of nipples , if I find the originals I'll include them. 115$ tyd ,conus ,where legal.
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    SOLD .36 steel 1858

    Sorry George this one sold. But ive got others stay tuned over the next couple days. SOLD