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    I used to complain about Midway shipping and hasmat fees. The club I joined a few years ago has just finished a couple of new pistol bays thanks to the Midway foundation. They contributed 50% of the cost just for the bays. That does not inclued how much they give to our youth program. For me and...
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    It's not a's so bad it's not even a shotgun pattern....I need help.

    The one on the right defnetly looks like a unmentionable hand gun bullet. My guess is they both are. I will bet the size is wrong and the lead is too hard.
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    Woods Walk Fun at the NMLRA's Spring Shoot:

    I shoot some unmentionable matches and targets are painted for every shooter. The shooters in the squad do the painting they don't get to stand around and jabber jaw. Other matches cardboard targets get pasted for every shooter by the shooters. The condition of the paint on the targets from my...
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    Woods Walk Fun at the NMLRA's Spring Shoot:

    New people setting up the match. These are the kind of things you learn the first few matches you set up. Basically growing pains. I have done it my self organizing and setting up new club matches.
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    Woods Walk Fun at the NMLRA's Spring Shoot:

    I intend to make the fall match and try the running boar match also. Living an hour away makes it easy to plan a trip.
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    Woods Walk Fun at the NMLRA's Spring Shoot:

    Oops that was Monday not Saterday.
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    Woods Walk Fun at the NMLRA's Spring Shoot:

    Mark you can't hit what you can't see. I was going one way you were going the other that Saturday. Your camera man got my self and my buddy in the back ground. The only complaint was they should have painted the targets that day and most of them being in the shade didn't help either. Other wise...
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    Track of the Wolf

    They ship ram rods the same way👍
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    What's going on with Dixie Gunworks

    I put in an order on 4/28 it was delivered today. Looks like they are clearing out the backlog. I have an order put in the same day for some fishing tackle that isn't even shipped yet.
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    Good Quality Taps

    The best supplier I have found but not the cheapest. Like the old saying goes you get what you pay for.
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    Childish but some what effective

    I could get away with that in the house because I am not married. Add a pie tin to keep the bullets and cut sprues in one place and you are all set.:thumb:
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    .480 lead ball

    I got the idea from your video a buddy is shooting the same setup. Going to sign up for the woods walk and big 5 match at the nationals this year in Friendship. Should be fun.
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    .480 lead ball

    I have found denim to be about .002 thicker than pillow ticking.
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    .480 lead ball

    I use .480 balls cast from a Lee 6 cavity mold. Pillow ticking for a patch lubed with vegetable oil. No swabbing needed between shots. Accuracy is good enough if I miss it is my fault not the load. The only time I use .490 balls is to see how accurate the gun will shoot then the targets are...
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    Pedersoli problems

    I have a Pedersoli kit in 50 may have to take my own advice.:( About 100 rounds so far so good have to wait and see.