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      Jf71 replied to the thread Bullet types.
      Awesome thanks for the replies im in canada so i will see if any of those companies mentioned will ship stuff here. Ya i am part of a...
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      Jf71 posted the thread Bullet types in General Muzzleloading.
      So i am very new to muzzleloaders but not new to shooting or reloading. I was just wondering what can i use in my .50 cal side lock...
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      Jf71 replied to the thread March 2023 Postal Target.
      Ok awesome sounds good thanks. i will see if i can find a front sight for it.
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      Jf71 replied to the thread March 2023 Postal Target.
      just wondering what are the rules for optics if there is any? Just got my navy arms mores .50 cal and its missing the front sight but...
    • J
      Good day to yall, i am new to the forum and new to muzzleloaders, just bought a navy arms mores side lock. Excited to ask some questions...
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