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    I learned most of my cussing and raw language when I was 14, on my dad's asphalt crew. He was determined I develop a strong work ethic early. The collateral was great muscles for football, a nasty mouth that had to be toned down around the women folk, and steady purchases of new blue jeans and...
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    Squirrel hunts over the weekend

    Looks like you had a good time!
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    Garand Thumb does flintlocks!

    If you got hit in the head with a muzzle loading rifle, there was not much for mama to see in the casket.
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    What are your excuses please.

    Don't be suspicious of me, but my wife is pretty understanding. Everything pretty much comes right in the front door. She is getting that "those guns" blur, so she doesn't notice a shuffle or two. On the flip side, I sold an unmentionable recently, and took us on a nice vacation. So she likes guns.
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    58 Colonial and The Bull Elk

    Wow! Some people just live right! Congrats!
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    Real Sperm Whale Oil?

    Pretty much my feelings. Keep it quiet, use it.
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    Finishing a Buffalo Horn

    I have a 1/2 hp motor with a buffing wheel. Takes a lot of the work out of it.
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    Finishing a Buffalo Horn

    Very nice! I made my first from a bison kill, and went a little ornate. Not really period, but a nice day horn.
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    Hawken Hunter makes meat

    Excellent! Congrats!
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    Pawnshop Renegade

    Good save! Nice shooting!
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    Caliber choice for first rifle

    Another vote for a .45. I have an early production Hatfield, and it's a pleasure to shoot. It is plenty for deer.
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    Overpriced sellers

    I guess I get frustrated because I know I won't be the buyer standing there, when seller realizes nobody is ok with his prices, and sells for 50%.