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    Hey y’all, I made a patch knife

    Nice knife!
  2. Jeff Gleason

    Straight Peanut Oil for Patch Lube?

    I have used peanut oil, and olive oil on the range, but for sitting in the gun, it tends to leach and affect the powder a little. We made jokes about peanut oil being jiffy lube, but it works fine. Just wring out your patches so there isn't much excess.
  3. Jeff Gleason

    24 and 28 Ga Smothbore Performance

    I built a Sitting Fox kit, a "smooth rifle" in the Virginia style. It is a flintlock, 28 ga. It took a bit of experimentation and load testing, but it shoots shot or ball very well. I use a load combination of wad, card and wrapped shot to adjust my pattern tightness. For example, for turkey...
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    Birds Eye Stocked Flintlock I Just Finished

    Wow! Just Wow!!!
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    2 Cannons

    Very nice!
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    What to do when you're tall?

    Once in a while, a gun ad will mention taller shooters. T/C Silver Elite
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    Made me a Shot Pouch

    Good work!
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    First attempt at making a powder horn.

    Looks like a winner. Very nice.
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    Cap popped, rifle didn't fire, until later

    I swab out with denatured alcohol before hunting and before the range. I think that habit has served me well.
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    Cap popped, rifle didn't fire, until later

    Glad to see someone else doing this!
  11. Jeff Gleason

    Very stupid, very lucky

    Also confusion was lent to the issue when one or two of the big makers made "bolt action" style front loaders that could use smokeless. +1
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    Stress relief

  13. Jeff Gleason

    Flintlock Snobbery

    I've always been a rocklock shooter. The only caplock I have ever owned was an over under Beretta 12 gauge shotgun. Snobbery? That's funny. Great thread. 🤠
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    Titanium Cannon

    Yes, well said.