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    A day at the range...

    Getting my Ol' Faithful ready to make meat this fall. It's a flintlock smoothbore. I can shoot bird shot or ball out of it. Shooting a .54 patched round ball over 100gs of FFFG . The first target at 15 yards, the second at 25. I did a little sight adjustment to get the point of impact above the...
  2. Jeff Gleason

    My first smoothbore

    I went with a .54/28gauge, but I would suggest a larger bore, like 20 gauge. The tightness of your pattern can be controlled bu the makeup of your load.
  3. Jeff Gleason

    Do you prefer a smoothbore over rifles?

    After decades of shooting just rifles, shooting a smoothbore was somewhat of an epiphany. My .54 "smooth rifle" is a 28 gauge shotgun, and a patched round ball gun that I can shoot with acceptable precision. Don't get me wrong, I love my rifles, but the ease with which my smoothie can be...
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    CRKT Tomahawk Modification

    Good job!
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    Hey y’all, I made a patch knife

    Nice knife!
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    Straight Peanut Oil for Patch Lube?

    I have used peanut oil, and olive oil on the range, but for sitting in the gun, it tends to leach and affect the powder a little. We made jokes about peanut oil being jiffy lube, but it works fine. Just wring out your patches so there isn't much excess.
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    24 and 28 Ga Smothbore Performance

    I built a Sitting Fox kit, a "smooth rifle" in the Virginia style. It is a flintlock, 28 ga. It took a bit of experimentation and load testing, but it shoots shot or ball very well. I use a load combination of wad, card and wrapped shot to adjust my pattern tightness. For example, for turkey...
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    Birds Eye Stocked Flintlock I Just Finished

    Wow! Just Wow!!!
  9. Jeff Gleason

    2 Cannons

    Very nice!
  10. Jeff Gleason

    What to do when you're tall?

    Once in a while, a gun ad will mention taller shooters. T/C Silver Elite
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    Made me a Shot Pouch

    Good work!