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    2020 Alberta Elk Hunt Journal

    Being so much shorter of a hunt, maybe this one will make the muzzleloader magazine this year? Might even lead off with a quick little blurb comparing to last years marathon? Congratulations on a successful hunt.
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    New member from Georgia

    Yes, they lost their range lease a few years back and believe the gentleman who created the web page has moved. I am in frequent contact with them and they do most of their announcements by email. 3rd saturday of the month, start about 9, red hill range. I will see about getting you an email...
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    New member from Georgia

    Check out the blue ridge mountain men. Been around a long time, fun different types of shoots. This month they did a woodswalk. They shoot the third saturday of each month at the red hill range.
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    New member from Georgia

    Welcome from the talking rock BP shooters. What part of georgia you in?
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    Matchlock on the range and safety

    That is where i thought my loading procedure would go. Just like a flinter or percussion rifle back on the loading bench and load, take to the firing line, prime or cap. In this case mount the match. Then i realized that there maybe a flinter next to me, where do i put my match on the firing...
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    Matchlock on the range and safety

    With yutes running around with us as we teach them about firearms, safe handling, operating them, with flintlocks, priming tools, loading bench-not with open powder containers, but with powder around, just general chaos with bodies. All done safely as we control our firearms, rather than a...
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    What kind/type of rifle?

    Plus this is an over 8 year old thread?
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    Matchlock on the range and safety

    So others and myself work with youth groups pretty much every month, non covid, and work with them on firearms history and let them shoot our flinters and percussion guns. So we start with history of BP. We do not have a matchlock and am considering getting one to add to the class for ignition...
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    Newbie to the Forum

    Welcome from the talking rock BP shooters
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    Lube pills and a lube pill punch

    I am impressed he has a 460. Sorry could not resist. Never heard of that caliber in a ML. Must be from a custom shop.
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    Uberti Walker replica

    A while back someone posted a link to a utube video where a gentleman made a center seam knife sheath. Was a neat video, he put his camera on the tripod over his work area and just explained what he was doing and the whys. It was well done, simple and maybe 8-10 minutes long in total. Maybe...
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    Sage outfitters

    No, sage outfitters is out of nebraska. Thanks though.
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    Check out blue ridge mountain men. They shoot at red hill range every third saturday i believe. Welcome by the way from talking rock black powder shooters.
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    Sage outfitters

    No one knows anything? A link was posted by someone on another thread to this company so someone knows them. Nice website so have been around a while. But no replies to any inquiry from me. Dispute the charge and have it reversed?
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    Howdy from North Georgia

    Why yes it is sir,