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    SOLD Pietta 1858 Sheriff w/ accessories

    Thanks, It is a great shooter, I always wanted to turn it into a belly gun and send it off to Goons GunWorks, let him tune it then get a conversion cylinder for it, but other projects came up.
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    SOLD Pietta 1858 Sheriff w/ accessories

    I definitely try to haggle myself! Great, I'll PM you.
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    SOLD Pietta 1858 Sheriff w/ accessories

    Hi, It is still available. Sorry, $375(shipped) is as low as I can go. Shipping and insurance alone will probably run $20-25 and recent ones on the auction sites are selling around $360-400, without shipping or any extras. I never thought these pistols would rise in price minus inflation, but I...
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    Cabela's rifle questions

    Numrich Gun parts used to stock barrels for investarms, but appear to be out of stock. I actually purchased a left hand barrel from them years ago.
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    SOLD Pietta 1858 Sheriff w/ accessories

    $375 tyd Trying to fund another project
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    CLOSED BP revolver

    I listed this one yesterday, hated to price it as I did, but on the auction sites these pistols have really risen this year. https://www.muzzleloadingforum.com/threads/pietta-1858-sheriff-w-accessories.128944/
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    SOLD Pietta 1858 Sheriff w/ accessories

    $400 to your door. Shipped and insured.
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    WANTED ISO Cap N Ball Revolver

    https://www.muzzleloadingforum.com/threads/pietta-1858-sheriff-w-accessories.128944/ One I just listed on here.
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    WANTED Looking for a 44 1858

    https://www.muzzleloadingforum.com/threads/pietta-1858-sheriff-w-accessories.128944/ Not 8 inches but one I just listed on here
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    SOLD Pietta 1858 Sheriff w/ accessories

    2014 Pietta 1858 Remington New Model Army "Sheriff's model" steel frame .44 caliber in good used condition. Only negative is a few corrosion spots in the barrel (see photo), but would clean up with fire lapping. Lock up is tight with no play in the cylinder. Grip screw could use some dressing...
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    SOLD Philadelphia Derringer $115shipped

    Sold, Moderator please delete
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    SOLD Philadelphia Derringer $115shipped

    $90 shipped, trying to fund an unmentionable build.
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    SOLD Philadelphia Derringer $115shipped

    This is an old Philadelphia Derringer that I've experimented on with different finishes for years. It's a Jukar or CVA kit gun I think. The stock was busted and pieced back together. It's complete, but the lock is disassembled. I just couldn't get the coil spring compressed enough. It was...