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  1. Jay Templin

    Referring to a Smoothbore as a Smoothie

    You know, smoothie. As opposed to twisty, like Rifley McRifleface. 😝 Jay
  2. Jay Templin

    A Starter Rifle For A Friend

    If your buddy is looking at the Investarms Bridger Hawken, I can highly recommend it. Every deer I’ve killed on purpose has fallen to my Bridger .45. I got mine secondhand, and have been shooting it in the field and at rendezvous for 15 years now. Jay
  3. Jay Templin

    Hello from New York

    Welcome from an Adirondack ex-pat in Virginia near 30 years. Jay
  4. Jay Templin

    Places to get a matchlock?

    For a standalone Matchlock lock, try Crescent Moon Armory here in Virginia. Quality work! Crescent Moon Armoury Jay
  5. Jay Templin


    Greetings from Charles City, Virginia! Jay
  6. Jay Templin

    Goex 2F question

    I use 2F in my .45 caplock by preference. It works great! Jay
  7. Jay Templin

    casting balls

    I have better luck with an oil lamp. When I worked in the Geddy Foundry at Colonial Williamsburg, we used a kerosene torch on our moulds. Jay
  8. Jay Templin

    Hi from a weaver in PA

    Welcome! I do some weaving myself- mostly just finger weaving and rigid heddle stuff these days. Happy to see another fibre fiend around the place! Jay
  9. Jay Templin

    Mixed clay marbled pipes

    I smoked clays for decades. Wax the tips, and when they get really dirty, bake them in the coals of your fire overnight to clean them. Some of them lasted for years, with the stems getting progressively shorter through misadventure. Others broke in just a day or two. I use one of the last I...
  10. Jay Templin

    Mould or mold?

    I believe it was Mark Twain who said “I have no respect for a man who can just spell a word one way.” 🤣 Jay
  11. Jay Templin

    Sprue orientation

    I don’t worry about it, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference to the deer. Jay
  12. Jay Templin


    Fuse for a matchlock?!? “Trouble to keep the smoldering cord away when loading?!?” Ridiculous. I demonstrate matchlocks professionally- have for 20 years- using deGehyn’s manual the whole time. I supervise a cadre of paid and volunteer staff who, like me, load and fire as the manual instructs...
  13. Jay Templin

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Spent yesterday cleaning guns. Today I got my gear together. 7:00 tomorrow morning, Virginia’s black powder season opens, and I mean to be in my backwoods dark and early. Good luck to all who are going out! Jay
  14. Jay Templin

    Expedient sapling ramrod works fine

    Thanks, again, Notchy! I had always interpreted that Assiniboine fellow’s wiping stick as a light spear for ice fishing or muskrats. Unfortunately, the museum that owns it doesn’t allow the picture to be blown up, but when I expanded your copy, it’s pretty clear that it’s a wiping stick with a...
  15. Jay Templin

    Tanning first timer tips???

    Been braintanning hides for 20 years, mostly using frozen pork brains from the grocery store. That said, I have gotten great results “brain” tanning without the brains by grating half a bar of Ivory soap, adding a cup of olive oil, and dissolving it in boiling water. This emulsifies the oil...