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    First muzzleloader deer

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    October Country Sporting Rifle

    I agree with you. I was kind of hoping someone would come to on the design of the rifle too.
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    .45 scores again.

    That is great. Nice rabbits. Nice rifle.
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    Track of the Wolf

    I am good about complaining when a company upsets me but not great about giving credit when it is due. So this is to give Track of the Wolf credit for it customer service. On Dec 1st I ordered some items from TOW. They shipped it on Monday the 4th, and sent me a tracking number. I tracked...
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    October Country Sporting Rifle

    No me neither. That is more than double the charge I am shooting. They look like a nice rifle, but too much for me.
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    October Country Sporting Rifle

    LOL I just think that would hurt. I am not sure of a need for it on this continent.
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    October Country Sporting Rifle

    Has anyone had any experience with the October Country Sporting Rifle? Their web sight says it is designed after an English sporting rifle. It looks like a Rigby design. Their web sight list the following load for the .69 caliber: "Using 225 grains of ffg the 69. caliber is 2000 fps, 4300...
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    Loving this light double.

    What a great day. Thank you for sharing.
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    BANG..., FLOP

    Not sure what you mean by no one is talking about shot placement. Loyalist Dave specifically said he prefers a double lung shot. Spikebuck specifically said “for double lung shots only” and then showed pictures of a heart with a hole in it. Me personally the only time I have had any big game...
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    PA doe

    Nice rifle. That would be nice to harvest a deer with a rifle you build.
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    Vertical ambush

    That is a nice rifle. Squirrel is good eating too.
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    GPR social Great shooting rifles. 100 yards.
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    New to GPR

    I have one in 54 cal also. Love it.