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  1. J

    Colt 1860 Vs Remington New Model

    I’ve had both. I still have my Uberti 1860.
  2. J

    Saturday was so cool I fired up the forge.

    Wow! Nice skills and an eye for authentic looking stuff. Very impressive. You could make some money! But sometimes that takes the fun out of creativity.
  3. J

    Bottle for cleaning solution

    The little spray bottles for eye glass cleaner at Walmart might work okay.
  4. J

    How I made my Felt Hats

    Love the hat. Wish I was younger.
  5. J

    Hello from St.Louis, Missouri

    Scratch Brewing in Ava. I don’t remember but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been there.
  6. J

    Hello from St.Louis, Missouri

    Welcome from a Cape Girardeau native. Currently across the river in southern Illinois.
  7. J

    Best Reassembly Oil

    For what it’s worth, my Goonerized 1860 Uberti feels totally invincible. Grease, shield, coil springs and all. Gives me 100% confidence. Not a single cap jam or a bit of fouling. Thanks Mike! Absolute shameless endorsement.
  8. J

    Arts and Crafts Time

    Looks tacky. Get it? Nice work and neatly done. I like the circled cross.
  9. J

    Beans and rice

    Popeye’s Chicken has delicious red beans and rice.
  10. J

    Best Reassembly Oil

  11. J

    Faux tiger stripe

    There’s just something about those Sharpie lines…………. But hey, I’m certainly no expert. I’ve read where old timers used ink and a feather to add natural looking stripes. I couldn’t do any better that’s for sure. I wouldn’t have the nerve to try it. Maybe on a scrap piece of wood first.
  12. J

    Stains for maple stocks?

    Birchwood Casey Blue and Rust Remover plus heat from a stove top.
  13. J

    One guys misfires at keeping brass bright

    NeverDull is awesome!!! Love it. Having said that I like to let my brass patina with age and then for some unknown reason I get the urge to polish it. Must be from my navy days.
  14. J

    SOLD WTS Uberti 1860 Army

    Well I’ll be. Learn something new everyday.