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    Experimental Archaeology

    VERY good post.....and, er......thread. So much information, great pics.....you've done a lot of good work!
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    Yes or No on tacks

    I'm for no tacks....definitely not daisy tacks. Having said that, though, the three tacks you have placed don't look too bad, but NO MORE! Get some antique PC tacks if you must attack your gun.
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    Watching Jeremiah Johnson

    Jeremiah Johnson has some GREAT dialogue lines....you've got to admit it. One of my favorites: "Paints His Shirt Red speaks English....he just does this to aggravate me...."
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    What Tool / Equipment Is Commonly Used to Secure Horn While Scrimshawing?

    A LEATHER bean bag would be even better: more grippy.
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    What Tool / Equipment Is Commonly Used to Secure Horn While Scrimshawing?

    Believe it or not, a bean bag to rest the horn on while holding it with your hand works pretty well. Sew yourself the size bag you want and fill it with dry navy beans from Kroger.
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    Why This Wood and Not That on 18th Century Rifles

    I I know...I looked it up! Always good to learn a new word. I'm going to use it next chance I get, and I am going to use the French pronunciation to see what kind of reaction I get. LOL
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    Scalping knives

    Very nice work, and, just like Notchy Bob said, it's nice to see knives that are pretty much period correct in style and construction.
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    Why This Wood and Not That on 18th Century Rifles

    Chatoyance, eh? Easy for you to say.....
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    Woodshed Vincent Restoration

    Very nice work! Good to see someone re-purpose an old, historic gun barrel.
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    Escopeta anyone?

    That is a good-looking gun!
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    Cleaning Hoppes gun oil from bore

    My opinion: Don't worry about a little oil in the bore of a gun. I'm assuming you will run a dry path down the barrel just to make sure it isn't sopping wet.
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    Here's one I'd never seen before

    On second look, it's pretty apparent that is the shape of the bore, and the whole barrel is twisted to as to produce de facto rifling.
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    Here's one I'd never seen before

    I wonder if that is just the shape of the barrel at the muzzle, and maybe 2 inches in it narrows down to a normal rifled bore?
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    Is This Possible?

    I attended a reenactment at Martin Station in Western Virginia several years ago and they were pretty safety-conscious. The head honcho inspected my flintlock and gave me a small piece of red yarn to tie around the end of the ramrod to remind me not to use the ramrod. Powder was distributed in...