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    Music for Canon Battles

    H.W.McBride's 'A Rifleman Went to War' spent a couple of stirring pages describing the Argyles, I think it was, being piped into the hell of the Somme. The pipers lead them in and the 'men in dresses' did their duty. McBride echoed Kipling's sentiment
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    Informal Shooting - Alone or with Friends?

    Hey RumR, have you been watching the Paralympics? You could be just like them, doing fabulous sporting activities because you want to and make it happen. It might take more time but if your desire is there then ignore the assistance that doesn't arrive and enjoy doing as much as you can. I've...
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    Something You Don't See Often

    Really glad your curiosity was rewarded and so many have tapped in. James Forsyth's 'The Sporting Rifle' of 1867 might also provide loading info. Since there are no elephant, rhino or Cape Buffalo on the continent is the consensus for a punt gun cut down or a brown bear back-up? J
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    Native Reenacting

    Cahokia, why aren't you all hailing that? a thousand years ago a society in the heart of America created it - as significant as Mayan and Inca creations, they might not have had flint and black powder but they sure had organisation and endeavour, things that you can be proud of in your roots.
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    Ruggles Patent Underhammer Pistol

    I have the Logan book and been following the build from Australia with appreciation of your endeavors. J
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    Jeremiah Johnson Hawken

    Herb, did you also note any dimensions from the W&B knife, while there and perhaps whether the pins were iron or brass? Thank you for your efforts on what must have been difficult photography.
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    No "charcloth" Flint & Steel Fire Lighting.

    I live far away on a different part of the island with Le Loup. Certainly appreciate the education offered by C6, T.A.Hawk, Logcutter and Spence.
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    Sitting here, mouth open, nodding at Col. Batguano's comment. That canoe builder was legend. Photos of one of these canoes (called Sairy Gamp) are available from the the Smithsonian who bought it and held for viewing at the Adirondack Museum, in Blue Mountain Lake, NY. Not only firearm makers...
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    Building a Chambers Isaac Haines rifle kit

    Oh Spikebuck, you fortunate man! And Dave, I'm happy as.. just to have looked over the shoulder of a craftsman.
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    Wasn't .52 common?

    I can only echo Cowboy's appreciation of Phil Meek's contributions. Such historic information allows real appreciation of the evolution of companies associated with the industry. May you live long and prosper, Jacobeen
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    Where are all you Aussies and Kiwis!?

    While recognising your right to an opinion, might I ask if you've been to Australia? Perhaps tried to shoot and had some terrible experience? I've been shooting here for 55 years, pistols, rifles and guns; modern and historic without thinking I'm oppressed or limited. The quality of elected...
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    Always check your gear!

    Some variation of a Galilean telescope where he sights from the the brown eye to the eye in his head for extra focal length?
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    New biography of the Swamp Fox

    I bought the book and have read it too. A fascinating glimpse of that time and not just Mr Fox. The thin line trodden between politics, economy, personalities and what a man could bear. Marion had a very high moral bar and broad thinking which made me glad that he acquired some personal comfort...
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    Ol' Jeremiah

    I saw JJ at the movies as a young fellow and after reading this thread bought the Bluray and watched again last night. Despite my almost saturated cynicism and rejuvenated interest in history and ML , it was a fine movie, I was entertained and accepting of the sometimes stretched 'reality'...