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  1. J

    Got my Woodsrunner But!

    I remember reading and seeing photos of a beautiful Shiloh Sharps rifle that had been opened and looked like it had ben dragged down the highway for a mile or more. Someone apparently opened it and used a grinder on it. Jack
  2. J

    Cock alignment

    I bought a lock for my Fusil de Chasse build and the cock was so far off center I sent it back. Got another from same place that was fine. Didn't want to fight it for the rest of my live. Jack
  3. J

    Building ME a NW Trade Gun ! :)

    Good luck Rob and hang in there. Where did you get the pattern? Jack
  4. J

    Questions on my first black powder from NC

    Welcome from Elkin NC. I thought a Cimarron Model P was a replica of a colt SAA. Jack
  5. J

    CLOSED Looking for either a Brown Bess or Charleville.

    Cherrys has a Charleville that they say is unmarked. I think it is from India. Jack
  6. J

    CLOSED Looking for either a Brown Bess or Charleville.

    I just bought the last 1777 AN IX that Dixie gun works had. I'm getting old and afraid if I didn't get it now I may never have the chance again. The 66 is my favorite but the 77 is great. Jack
  7. J

    NW Trade Gun

    Please add me to your list Rob. Thanks Jack
  8. J

    Non-Firing replica 1766 Charleville Infantry Musket

    I have a brand new Pedersoli 1777 AN IX and a 6 month old India made 1766 Charleville. The ped weight 1 1/4 pound more than the India 1766. The barrel bands fit was horrible on both. The inletting on the Ped around trigger guard is terrible. Inletting on the India made is great untill you...
  9. J

    Let me see your Capotes!!!

    I would like to have a neck pouch like the one the man in videso is wearing Jack
  10. J

    Looking for large lead balls for my 80 cal

    Tanner is top of the line Jack
  11. J

    Patch lube for round ball shooting..........Lawdy.

    thanks Jack Thanks, I have a bottle of the pure stuff. I'll give it a try. Jack
  12. J

    One bullet and seven buckshot

    Good reading and info. Thanks Jack
  13. J

    Patch lube for round ball shooting..........Lawdy.

    cositrike, I suppose you are talking about neatsfoot oil. Could give ratio. Thanks Jack
  14. J

    One bullet and seven buckshot

    Thanks. Looking forward to what they have to say. I’ve got to try it soon.
  15. J

    One bullet and seven buckshot

    That is exactly what I was thinking. Jack