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    Your period outfit (clothing) pictures

    Some people shoot them here too. But we found that quite unsporting. Just to easy, when after the Eastern Bighorn Merrian sub species. Its an aquatic bird and using a rifle is akin to shooting fish in a barrel. Fishing for them is the preferred method. Even though we have no acorns here it is...
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    WANTED Hard Case

    Looking for a friend. He's needing a hard case for taking his 60" rifle on the plane. Anybody have one?
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    Your period outfit (clothing) pictures

    Here I am fishing with period tackle. Cane pole, forged, hooks, linen line ,silk leader and goldenrod bobber. A bait horn and period tackle box. Taking while on a turkey hunt in Wyoming.
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    Let's see your Belt or Rifleman's knife

    Here's mine. Ken Hamilton belt knife, a friend made the neck knife. I can't remember who made the folder.
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    FOR SALE Lott Lock

    How about $175 plus shipping.
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    Cabbage cake

    I cook fried cabbage a lot. One ring smoked sausage cut in 1/4" coins, browned on both sides in large frying pan.. Remove from pan and set aside. Slice one head cabbage 1/8" slices, one large onion diced,1/2 cup carrot graded. Put in pan sausage was cooked in. Covered cook covered on medium...
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    Rust stopping oil

    Clean as usual. A wet patch of WD-40. Next day a wet patch Brownell's Polar Active Rust Preventive No. 2. Good forever. Before use wet patch isopropyl alchohol, dry patch and your good to go.
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    E-mail change

    Just got a new computer and I have a new e-mail address. Do I have to update anything and if so how?
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    Some of my knives

    I just do camp chores with it. I have dressed a deer with it.
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    Some of my knives

    It could be. But I just can't remember where I got it. Thanks for the tip but it just does't ring a bell.
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    Wyoming State Muzzle Loaders Convention 2020

    Been going the last 15 years or so. I do have tables.
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    Wyoming State Muzzle Loaders Convention 2020

    I'll be there!
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    Wedge tent where to place wood stove?

    Its just a small sheet metal stove I used when packing in elk camp. About 8X8X16 I have cooked many a meal on it on top of the Big Horns elk hunting. Not PC but the legs fold up out of the way for easy packing. Will heat a 8X10X5 in very cold weather.
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    Some of my knives

    Here's a picture of a few of my knives. Top left Mark Starr neck knife. Top left Ken Hamilton mid 18th. century English scalper. Middle hand forged folder, can't remember who made it. The hawk is hand forged and I got it a Friendship many years ago. and again I can't remember who made it. And...