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    Nitrate paper

    I used the natural or brown coffee filters and they work pretty good so does the hair curling papers as for a mix ratio just keep slowly adding your kno3 to hot water till it stops the past i was told to let the paper soak for 30 or 45 minutes but that just made the papers to soft...
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    Browning mountain rifle nipple

    I was looking at TOW as well there definitely my go to.and i have experience with drilling and tapping i build replacement parts or custom parts for airguns.
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    Browning mountain rifle nipple

    I have 3 browning mountain rifles my dad left me a 45 50 and 54 cal the 50 being his favorite but the threading in the breech/durm is stripped and it wount take a napple so its my understanding that i need to redrill the hole and re tab it for a larger nipple but what size?its a 1/4x28 would...
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    Greg Christian

    Im in need of his contract info if anyone has it it would be very much appreciated.
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    Are you under 40?

    Yep I'm 24 and been into muzzleloading for about 6 years and haven't carried anything but a muzzleloader for squirrel and deer for the last 3 years.
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    canvas shooting bag

    I got one I made about 4 years ago still going strong I made it outta the canvas you get from hardware stores nothing special.
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    New Colt 1860 Army questions

    My girlfriend got me one from dixie gun works and it had some problems and looking back on it we should have returned it because almost a year later and i keep finding new problems.
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    unknown 16 gauge.

    I pulled the lock and it's a 16 gauge it's coming out to 0.66 and I believe it's a african trade gun myself and that's all the markings on it.
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    unknown 16 gauge.

    I'm waiting on my bore camrea to come in but it looks alright it does throw a good spark the frizzen is very hard to open and close still but I took the lock off and checked it I'm really thanking about shooting it but I'm also looking at getting a barrel made for it.
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    unknown 16 gauge.

    well I finally got my gun in its a 16 gauge or 66 caliber with a 52 inch barrel and it's loaded is it real or a cheap 1980 something important?
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    birdshot thru cap n ball?

    tried it in my 1851 in 36 cal I made a cartridge out of heavy paper and used #9 shot and maybe 20 grs of 3f it was alright to maybe 8 foot but I believe round ball to be better.
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    Lee Conicals in .36 Navy

    Lee conicals are pretty much all I shoot out of my 1851 and there alright not as accurate as a .380 round ball but hit alot harder but there harder to load as well but good made paper cartridges help.
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    Who works on Revolovers?

    I did it all myself it's very easy to do lots of online help if needed should run about 20 bucks in sandpaper and needle files and the best thing about doing it yourself is you get a better understanding of how everything works it only took me about 3 days to get my 1860 running right and that's...
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    uberti 1860 army.

    Haven't got to shoot it but I put some winchester no 11s on it and they fit good and went off very time the hammer hit.thank yall for the help.
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    uberti 1860 army.

    Well I ordered some new nipples they should be in next time I get home from work so hopefully 2 weeks thank I can wait haha thanks for the help yall also I'm gonna order some new caps probably rem and I'm gonna try some of the dynamite nobel 1075 caps as well.